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Liberated Living – “Reach Out America!” w/Guest Deborah Nazemi (Part 2)

Special guest and friend Deborah Nazemi joins Eliakim to discuss what has inspired her to produce a movement to mobilize Christians around the country to “reach out”.

Deborah Nazemi lives in Texas with her husband, Terry, and their teenage son, Zechariah. She is the mother of four sons and has two grandchildren. Raised as a Catholic, Deborah gave her life to the Lord in 1975 after discovering that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save her from her sins. She received the Holy Spirit the same evening as she learned for the first time that the holy, living God wanted to have a personal relationship with her, and that He created His people for relationship with Him. Deborah has written, produced, and performed in numerous dramas, including full-length evangelistic plays such as Encounters with a King, The Golden Scepter, and Glory to God, and shorter skits such as Without Spot, Kingdom Airlines, and Through the Eyes of Love. In 2000, Deborah wrote the song, American Anthem, a call to the nation, and later in 2000, she released a contemporary CD titled Love’s Passion, an upbeat collection of love songs to the Lord. She continues to receive praise reports from people throughout the world whose lives have been deeply touched by Lovei’s Passion. Founder and director of The Deborah Company and the apostolic ministry, Transformation Ministries International, Deborah longs to see this generation’s believers fulfill their destiny as leaders and workers in God’s holy army–people who will carry the light of Jesus Christ around the world. Transformation Ministries International offers apostolic insight and accountability to ministries and leaders.

Deborah’s show “Reach Out America” brings real stories of individuals, churches, and ministries helping people in their communities, and the heartwarming accounts of those lives that have been changed by compassionate people who stepped in to help.