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Carly J. Cais

Creatively Chic – Style It Chic with Wardrobe Stylist Jade Rose + Spotlight Interview with The Plaid

Wardrobe stylist Jade Rose has worked with countless publications and individuals to create that perfect stylish look. With a styling philosophy of “Less is More,” she transforms mundane, everyday pieces into amazing outfits. She has also worked as an Accessories Designer for the bridal line Sarah Seven, been featured in Oregon Bride and Glamour Magazines, and works with Teen Vogue as a blogger. She has some great advice for you to apply to your own wardrobe and how you style your outfits, which you won’t want to miss! This episode also includes a bonus Spotlight Interview with Lindsay Edens, founder of The Plaid Barn, which is a daily sale site for crafting and DIY supplies at steep discounts, and a Weekly DIY Challenge to help re-charge your creativity.