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Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – When Someone You Love is Diagnosed With Cancer: A Blueprint for a Different Response

• Are you one of those folks who find it challenging to talk about death and dying? Or to use the “D” word after someone has died?

• If someone really close to you was diagnosed with a terminal illness, would you be likely to want to put a happy face on that’ situation in the name of hope?

• Would you prefer to avoid having conversations with someone about being really ill and dying?

It takes tremendous courage to be in the presence of a loved one who is seriously ill and dying. And it’s complicated. One part of our brain tries to comprehend the incomprehensible and another part keeps screaming “Yes, but…” as we hold on to hope.

There are no words to actually express what it is like living through a loved one dying in front of your eyes.

My guest in this episode is Linda Campanella, the author of When All That’s Left of Me Is Love, which was written very soon after her mother’s death in 2009. This interview takes us on an intimate and emotional journey of her mother’s diagnosis of lung cancer through her mother’s death and into the few months of Linda’s being a motherless daughter.

This is a must-hear episode! Sometimes we can’t change the realities in our lives BUT we can always chose our responses.