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Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – Is it time to Change But You Don’t Know Quite What to Change? The Secrets For Your Archeological Dig

When you think about personal growth and becoming more and more of who you already are, what areas would you like support in?
• Health?
• Family and Friends?
• Career?
• Money?
• Fun & Leisure?
• Another area, perhaps?

Imagine for a moment that your compass is pointing True North:
• What are your core beliefs?
• Where is your greatest pain today?
• What are you tolerating or ignoring that is sucking physical, mental and emotional energy out of you?
• How might your life be different if this pain wasn’t there anymore?

My guest for this episode is Janice Bastani, a professional, certified coach and the author of EVE: Reclaim Your Power! I respect the work Janice does as a coach and I love this book because Janice doesn’t presume to know what you need to learn or try to give you the answers she thinks you should embrace for your personal growth.

Join us for a fascinating conversation about how YOU can discover who you are at your very core by exploring ways to engage in your deepest and most personal growth work based on your thoughts, feelings and beliefs which are based on your life experiences and choices.

Spend 30-minutes with me and get a jump start on digging down into YOU, and discovering and uncovering more and more of who you already are.