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Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less!

Robyn Pearce

Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less! – ‘How to motivate the late, the lazy and the terminally uninspired’

Have you ever been at your wits’ end, wondering how to motivate staff? Or you’ve spent money training managers to manage, but something still isn’t working. Perhaps you don’t need managers? Ever thought of self-managed teams as an answer? You’ll be delighted with how inexpensive and simple it is to dramatically increase commitment, productivity and profit by tapping into the knowledge of your workers.

Ann Andrews first experienced self-managed teams (although they didn’t call it that) when working for the Royal Marines early in her career. Everyone had to work collaboratively, for team members could be deployed at a moment’s notice. It was a shock when she found the corporate world didn’t work that way – until she came across trail-blazer Ricardo Semler and his world best-seller ‘Maverick’. For over 20 years she’s helped companies turn their ‘problem children’ into high-performing teams.