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Getting a Grip on Time: Do More With Less!

Robyn Pearce

Getting A Grip On Time: Do More With Less! – Working Smarter in a Crazy World

What have these people got in common? A hobo, a Mensa member, a writer, a TV presenter, a teacher in the most remote outback regions of Australia, a presenter to some of the largest corporate organizations in the world, a world expert on how people learn? They’re all one person – Glenn Capelli.

We need more than a good idea to be innovative. A strategy alone won’t make you infallible. Whether your focus is on improving customer service, sales, teamwork, leadership, risk, safety, change management or time management in the broadest sense, there are five essential layers you need to build a better business. In this interview with Glenn you’ll get them all, chunked down in a really simple way

You’ll be challenged to sharpen up your ‘How else’ thinking, resulting in a much better flow of communication, results and satisfaction. You’ll love the simplicity of his ‘3 Russian brothers and their cousin’ technique. And his tips on working effectively and empathetically with difficult people or folks with Asperger’s is pure gold. That’s just for starts. This interview is a ‘must listen to the end’.