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Conversations Beyond Science and Religion

Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – The Convergence of Science and Religion?

The ultimate dichotomy is science and religion; two ends of the spectrum; opposite ends of the playing field; two separate disciplines; two separate ways of looking at the world.  One says evidence, reasoning,  and repeatability of test results find truth; the other says revelation; personal experience; an inward connection with the divine.  Two separate ways of viewing the same world.  And here is the problem: only one world exists; are we running back-and-forth between observation decks or are there in fact two worlds?  Will these two viewpoints ever be united? On this show Philip talks with Roy Bourque, the author of The Merging of Two Worlds: The Convergence of Scientific and Religious Thought, about the how we are gradually breaking down the barriers between science and religion until we find, in the end, that there is one world after all.