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Queer And Dear – Vera by Gabrielle Glancy, Too Sexy?

Interview with Gabrielle Glancy, author of “Vera,” a new novel called “too sexy,” by publishers, that is now being rushed to press. Clifford Chase calls VERA, “A new kind of novel: a love story of ideas, a lyrical romp, a faux mystery with genuine heart.”  ​Part Don Quixote bubbling dreamer, part reckless detective, the narrator of Vera pilots her way through a murky urban terrain, in search of love and answers. What she discovers in a 1990’s San Francisco, stuck somewhere between AIDS and 9/11, is not what she sets out to find. Listen to my interview with Glancy as she discusses the many dazzling rejections of Vera, the journey of Vera and how her/his journey is more relevant today than ever before.