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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today -Stop Snoring – Exciting New Laser Treatment Discussed by Dr Lycka & Dr Nowak

Stop Snoring! Do you say that to your partner a LOT? Or do you suffer from snoring and interrupted sleep that goes along with it? Well today we have a fascinating new laser treatment to share with you which sees up to 80% reduction in snoring.  Our guest this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today is a popular repeat guest who loves to keep up with the latest treatments and techniques. Dr Eugene Nowak is a board certified dermatologist from Chula Vista, California and he talks about ‘the year of the neck’ with your host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka. Dr Nowak highlights some new treatments & procedures that improve various areas of the neck with no downtime or recovery needed afterwards. The 2 doctors discuss CoolSculpting with the CoolMini to freeze fat in the double chin and neck, Kybella which is injected to dissolve the fat, and the Fotona NightLase treatment which uses laser treatment around the back of the throat to tighten skin and improve snoring. Exciting new treatments that only a year or so ago would have needed surgery!


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