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Host: Mandy Walker

The day it happens, the day you realize your marriage is crumbling and divorce may be in your future is momentous. The vision you held for your future disappears – and now what? You’ll be facing the world alone in a whole new way. On Conversations About Divorce you’ll hear stories from people just like you, newly divorced and those who are successfully navigating the post-divorce waters with humor, with courage and a new sense of self-realization. We’ll also be joined by experts with answers! Join us for your moment of community and catharsis, for tips and strategies and for connections.


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Conversations About Divorce – Could Your Marriage End Suddenly Without Warning?

Download Episode We all know someone who says their marriage ended suddenly with no warning. It’s hard to believe. We all like to think there must have been some red flags that were missed. After all, how could two people, married to each other, have such different views about the same marriage? But marriages do […]

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Conversations About Divorce with Mandy Walker

As a divorce coach and mediator Mandy’s mission is to help men and women end their relationships with dignity and respect so they don’t feel they’re going through divorce alone, so they’ll understand the process and their options and so they can feel confident in the decisions they’re making.

Mandy became a divorce professional following her own divorce in 2007 at age 50. Having taken severance from her corporate job in financial services, she had gone back to school for Journalism and thought she would write a book about everything she was learning to do as a newly-single woman, such as using an electric drill and emptying the mousetraps. Realizing that it would take a long time to gather enough material, she decided to start interviewing other people.

Those interviews quickly morphed from practical accomplishments to deeper, more intimate conversations about overcoming the challenges of life after divorce and those conversations inevitably meant discussions about the marriage itself and sometimes, family of origin. Each of the interviews taught Mandy something about her own marriage and divorce.

As a believer in the power of sharing stories, Mandy shared those interviews on her blog Since My Divorce … now one of the top divorce support blogs in America. She also created My Divorce Pal, an online divorce coaching program filled with the learned in the trenches lessons from her interviewees of what works and what doesn’t work after divorce.

Today, Mandy continues to write her blog and is a Featured Columnist for She runs several divorce support groups in the Boulder, Colorado area and coaches clients both nationally and internationally.

Ms. Walker holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration from Bath University, England and a M.A. in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is a professional member of the Mediation Association of Colorado, and a member of the Boulder County Bar Association and the Boulder Interdisciplinary Committee. She is a volunteer mediator with Jefferson County and Boulder County and also serves on the Board of Children First of the Rockies which provides supervised visits and parenting exchanges.

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