How To Live Cancer Free

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Host: Bill Henderson

Bill Henderson is on a mission to research and share alternative treatments for cancer. The death of his former wife in 1994 after her four years of conventional treatment for ovarian cancer caused Bill to start his search for better ways to treat cancer. Having researched and documented those natural healing methods, he has become committed to helping as many people as possible avoid his former wife’s fate.

I like Judy Seeger. She is a Naturopatic Doctor who is very well-informed about cancer healing. She is particularly insistent on the importance of cleansing and detoxing. Dr. Judy has been interviewing cancer survivors on her Cancer Winner Talk Show on Now she’s setting up a TV show (actually it will display on your computer) where you’ll be able to see Dr. Judy and her guest(s). She’s calling it Cancer Answers TV. I’ll be her first guest. She doesn’t have the exact date for that first show yet but it will be soon, so stay tuned. We’ll let you know in plenty of time so you can join us.

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How To Live Cancer Free – A Great Holistic Physician

Download Episode Bill Henderson interviews Dr. Robert Rowen, a prominent holistic physician. Throughout the episode, Bill and Dr. Rowen discuss the prostate Cancer drug Avodart and the effects of Vitamin A in cod liver oil on the body’s store of Vitamin D. Bill’s recent bout with the flu was evidently caused by his eating cod […]

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How To Live Cancer Free with Bill Henderson

Bill is a best-selling author on both Amazon and Booklocker, has written three books on natural cancer healing. His latest book “Cancer-Free – Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing (Third Edition)” has received rave reviews from dozens of readers. Hundreds of people all over the world attribute their survival from cancer to Bill’s simple and inexpensive healing regimen.

In addition to his books, newsletters, workshops and telephone and e-mail support of cancer patients worldwide, Bill now does a weekly radio program on called “How to Live Cancer-Free.” Listeners will hear the interviews with prominent physicians, researchers, and cancer survivors from all over the world. He has become widely known as an expert on “alternative” health issues.

Bill’s web site contains a wealth of information on this subject. His newsletter, “Cancer-Free” is now read by over 18,000 subscribers in 71 countries. Before he started his crusade on cancer, Bill was a U.S. Air Force Colonel when he retired after 25 years service in 1977. In 1978, he founded a computer software publishing company which he sold in 1995 after his former wife died. Since then, he has devoted full time to helping cancer patients survive. He is now the Vice President and Secretary of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation.

Bill says “Nothing is as fulfilling in life as helping others survive.” As Ann Mozdzanowski of Denmark said “God will take you into the palm of his hand, Bill. You are an amazing person. And your next life will reflect what you have done in this one. Blessings and thank you.”

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