Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

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Host: Roy Richards

The notion that once we reach middle age our best years are behind us is utter hogwash! The secret is to filter the idealism of youth through the lenses of adult experience, a winning combination. Wake up! It is time to remove layers of self-doubt and to recapture positive emotions. Join host Roy Richards and guests as they confront common midlife career, lifestyle and relationship challenges and point the way to a brighter tomorrow.

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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age with Roy Richards

Host Roy Richards is an author, motivational speaker, and founder of Middle Age Renewal Training (MART). A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Carleton College, Roy received his MBA with honors from the University of Chicago. He spent seventeen years climbing the ladder at four major U. S. corporations followed by fifteen years thriving as a small business owner and entrepreneur.

Roy views the world from a unique dual perspective of career success accompanied by long-unfulfilled dreams and aspirations, which he now describes as “sleepwalking through life”. Following a wake-up call, Roy and his wife Gloria co-founded MART in 2006 to help guide others to similar positive mid-life awakenings.

Roy is author of two books: A Mid-Life Challenge WAKE UP!, a guide to personal middle age renewal, and WAKE UP Captain and Crew Restart Your Engines!, a roadmap to recreating and reenergizing lagging enterprises and participants mid-stream.

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