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Host: John O’Dwyer

Join John O’Dwyer for a lively back and forth with communications pros on what matters in today’s never-ending news cycle. You’ll hear raves and critiques of campaigns and strategies plus behind the scenes clues to what works and what doesn’t. Should you go off book or tow the line? How and when to say no to the client. It’s PR Word On The Street with John O’Dwyer.



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The FAANG Companies

Download Episode Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google are the FAANG companies. Is big bad?  What about Amazon and the New York HQ2 debacle?  Should they have stayed and tried to make a go of it in Queens?  Zuckerberg and his team face major scrutiny and rightly so for privacy issues.  What should their strategy be […]

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PR Word On The Street with John O’Dwyer

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