Sex, Lies and Women’s Bodies

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Host: TS Wiley

Controversy, prejudice, ignorance and sexism are the “body politic” of Women’s Health. Our bodies are the battleground for equality in everything from research to price setting (or price fixing), and the medical system permeated by misinformation, too little information, and too many cover-ups. Whether you’re angry, frustrated, frightened, overwhelmed or just want a straight answer, it’s time for a new take on Feminist Medicine. Say hello to TS Wiley, host of “Sex, Lies, and Women’s Bodies.” She’s going to rock your world.


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Sex, Lies And Women’s Bodies – Gardasil?

Download Episode We’ve all seen that heart-tugging commercial for the prevention of HPV selling the Gardasil Vaccine. Pregnant, infected children trying to make sense of why their parents didn’t vaccinate them before they became sexually active. In this show we explore the promise of safe sex for 9-year-olds. What’s wrong with this idea?

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Sex,Lies and Women’s Bodies with TS Wiley

T.S. Wiley has been a science and health writer and researcher for over twenty years. She is a noted speaker and educator who has testified before Congress and published research presentations at such hallowed institutions as Harvard. Her independent research has been published in medical and research journals for two decades. These include Annals of Clinical & Laboratory Science, Molecular and cellular biochemistry, Experimental cell research, Medical Hypotheses, International Journal for Compounded Pharmaceuticals, and a special edition of AIP Advances on the Physics of Cancer. Her second book, Sex, Lies and Menopause, published by Harper Collins in 2003, has had unparalleled influence in the anti-aging community. She is a regular on The Huffington Post as well as a pharmaceutical inventor responsible for The Wiley Protocol. She splits her time teaching, writing and speaking between Santa Fe, NM, Los Angeles, CA, and New York City. She is a mother of five and grandmother of five.

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