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The Brain Broad discovers guests that have been instrumental in developing heretofore unknown, lesser known, or unexpected solutions to either their own brain story or the stories of their patients. If you are concerned about brain matters this is the place to find answers shared from a healing perspective, before you buy into any prognosis. The Brain Broad aka Lynette Louise closes each show with two consistent segments. One is comprised of a song and an investigation into using your brain, in conjunction with the communal brain of the Internet, as a search engine properly focused on finding healthy alternatives. In each episode’s last segment, The Brain Broad shares how she would use her tools– primarily neurofeedback, cognitive restructuring and play— to heal a brain struggling with the problems previously discussed. In this way Lynette augments and clarifies what her guests have already expressed. Every show is Fun, Free, Informative and Surprising!

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The Brain Broad Builds a Brain – Spreading Mental Heath From Homeless Children to Social Workers

Download Episode Dr. Judy Alexandre LCSW has a special project to share called Step Up Ventura, which provides all day therapeutic daycare to homeless children aged 0-5. Step Up was formed to help homeless children gain the ability to form healthy relationships despite their parent’s circumstances. Dr. Alexandre also trains and supports young social workers […]

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The Brain Broad Builds A Brain

The Brain Broad aka Lynette Louise is actively pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Psychophysiology at Saybrook University. She is doubly board certified in neurofeedback and travels the globe working hands on with a variety of brain disorders. Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad raised eight children (six adopted, five disabled, four on the autism spectrum) and only one remains dependent. Born in CanadaLynette moved to America in 1995. She was originally renowned as an autism expert. However, her world-wide, highly effective interventions for a vast array of brain disorders made that niche too limiting and she quickly became known as The Brain Broad. She also travels Internationally performing, speaking and teaching on the subject of healing brain science.
Lynette is the author of four books. Her newest The Seven Senses of Leadership: The Brain Broad’s Guide to Leadership Sensibilities has just been released. Some of her other books include Cerebral Palsy and The WingMaker as well as her highly acclaimedMIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide To Autism. She hosts the popular podcast A New Spin On Autism: ANSWERS! as well as this show The Brain Broad Builds A Brain!

Whether on the stage, in front of the camera, or on the mic Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad invites surprising guests to help her bring information to light with a little flair. Together they explore topics with fun, fascination, music, and humor with the intention of discovering useful autism answers or easy to apply brain building tricks.

The Brain Broad has an extensive history as a stage, film, and television personality. She travels her One Woman Show FROM CRAZY TO SANE WITH NEUROSCIENCE AND THE BRAIN and her recent video project is the International docu-series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE AKA THE BRAIN BROAD, where she travels the world with cameras in tow. The Brain Broad meets and helps five vastly different families in five different countries helping them heal for five very special days per family. Together with these wonderful people she always creates positive change with fun answers and surprising brain science! The show is available for viewing on The Autism Channel and/or vimeo.

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