Bounce Back to Your Brilliance!

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Host: Angel Tyree

Sometimes life has a way of knocking you down. If you’ve been lying there wondering how to get back on your feet, or if you should even try, Angel Tyree, and her guests and colleagues, are here to give you a hand up. There are no “easy” success stories. Yes, some people are more resilient, some more bull-headed, and some just lucky. And some, like us, have to get some help. It’s time to Bounce Back to Your Brilliance! Angel’s friends call her, fondly, “The Bounce Back Bitch.” So grab that hand, and let Angel pull.

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Bounce Back to Your Brilliance! – The Sassy Psychic Gives Powerful Advice

Download Episode Alyson Mead, The Sassy Psychic, discusses how she discovered her own psychic abilities and now uses them to help people how to tap into their personal power. In this fun exchange, Alyson also talks about her shift into the psychic profession after a breakup that lead her on a journey across the country […]

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Bounce Back to Your Brilliance! with Angel Tyree

Angel Tyree “The Comeback Queen”, author, speaker/trainer and resilience strategist is devoted to helping others bounce back from life’s setbacks to realize their true potential personally, financially, spiritually and romantically.

Previously hosting the internet radio show “That’s Life w/Angel Tyree” on LA Talk Radio, Angel confronted specific “real-life” subject matters that affect our lives, and aligned those topics with relevant guests, from everyday people to celebrities alike, to share in heart to heart dialogue that inspired, empowered & enlightened listeners across America.

As a resilience strategist, “The Comeback Queen”, Angel knows a lot about the need for resiliency and the importance of shifting your sails to discover a new direction in life. She has tried her hand in several non-successful business ventures, including launching a magazine (where she invested and lost loads of cash), she’s been in a couple of very long term love relationships but never made it to the altar, she suffered “self-diagnosed” depression when her mother passed only 8 short months after Angel had her first baby. Angel admittedly found herself lost in life – floating from day to day – before realizing that she had temporarily dropped out of her own life.

Angel earned her B.F.A. from the University of the Arts where she began to make the correlation between her love for performing on stage and the possibilities of helping people through teaching, speaking and writing. Occasionally, she likes to push the envelope on tough topics contributing articles about relationships to Angel brings every element, technique and real-life experience to her role as a writer, facilitator and speaker on bouncing-back, communication, and balance and allowing the Universe to work with you.

Author of, Recession Proof Relationships: 52 Easy Ways to Protect Your Relationship Through Tough Economic Times, a straightforward handbook containing fifty two clear-cut techniques to implement weekly that will result in increased communication for couples, creative ways to budget, successful negotiation strategies, and ideas to ignite romance while avoiding distractions that have been wreaking havoc on your relationships and your ability to foster loving, trusting, time-withstanding commitments. Successfully constructing and maintaining a relationship built on love, respect, compatibility, honor, and sexual attraction is the result of many factors. It is a formula that some get right and many don’t.

Born and raised in the home with both of her parents in Columbus, OH she witnessed firsthand the true meaning of “committed relationship”, but it wasn’t until 37 years into her parents’ marriage when her mother suffered a severely debilitating stroke and watched as her father selflessly cared for his wife (her Mother) for seven years until her passing that Angel truly understood commitment. Although Angel publicly admits to not following the same relationship rules as her parents, because times are drastically different, she is wise enough to have learned from them a few key points for triumphantly and lovingly making it through 43 years of a committed relationship.

In short, Angel Tyree is a passionate mid-west girl who wants to leave her legacy behind after her final days. She is committed to the journey and experiencing all of the wonder along the way.

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