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{tab=Show Details} HostDeclutter Your Mind | Clear Your Space | Reclaim Your Spirit. A radio show dedicated to peeling back the layers of mental, physical and spiritual clutter to bring your best “YOU” forward. From the limiting self talk that clutters up the truth of who you are to the overwhelming amounts of “stuff” and information you deal with everyday to the emotional and spiritual beliefs that block you off from personal and professional success – we’ll explore it all with amazing expert guests and real life solutions!

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Clutter Breakthrough – Tame the Paper Clutter

Download Episode Even in the electronic age the volume of paper clutter we have to deal with has not reduced, it only seems to be getting worse. It’s amazing how quickly we can get buried in all the paper that we need to manage; school, work, bills, correspondence etc – it’s all too much. Tune […]

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Clutter Breakthrough with Kelli Wilson

Kelli Wilson doesn’t just organize you, she gets you emotionally unstuck from the fears that keep you holding onto clutter.Your house may not look like the TV show Hoarders, but we all have physical and emotional clutter that overwhelms us and holds us back from reaching our goals.Over the years, Kelli has helped hundreds of clients discover why their stuff is weighing them down. Her own emotional journey allows her to guide others to let go of beliefs that hold them back. Once you are mentally free, order is simple.Kelli Wilson is a speaker, author and commentator who has appeared on local and national television and print media including the Wall Street Journal. She has a degree in business administration. Kelli is also certified in senior transition and relocation. Her book The Clutter Breakthrough – Your Five Step Solution to Freedom from Clutter Forever reveals the emotional breakthroughs that will help you create order from physical and emotional chaos. Whether you are a working parent with too many responsibilities, an executive overwhelmed by piles of paperwork or a senior downsizing as you retire, Kelli can give you the secrets to make organizing your life a cakewalk.{tab=Archived Shows}

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  • Clutter Breakthrough – Tame the Paper Clutter

    Even in the electronic age the volume of paper clutter we have to deal with has not reduced, it only seems to be getting worse. It’s amazing how quickly we can get buried in all the paper that we need to manage; school, work, bills, correspondence etc – it’s all too much.

    Tune in for some simple yet powerful techniques to tame the paper clutter and start to immediately see a difference in how you feel about your paper clutter!

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Pets and Clutter

    Clutter, disorganization and chaos does not happen in a vacuum, it can affect every family member including our pets. Join me and animal communicator, Mary Argo, to learn about the different ways our environment, energy and emotions affect our pets health and even their behavior!

    Mary Argo, Ph. D Mary is a gifted and knowledgeable communicator who acts as a translator for animal clients, bringing their thoughts, feelings and experiences to light for the people who care for them. Mary has been featured on local radio, newspapers, magazines, and TV throughout California. Her long experience and extensive training has made her well respected by a wide range of animal owners, trainers, veterinarians and other animal health professionals.
    Mary’s fun-loving personality makes animal communication real and accessible for all animal lovers, turning it into a basic tool for routine animal care. Mary’s work has spanned from health and behavioral issues with house pets to performance issues with professional animal competitors, to many varieties of animals in between. In addition to acting as a translator for animals, Mary also is a skilled medical intuitive who is able to bring forth information directly from the animal’s body to provide information needed to facilitate healing, well-being, and a treatment plan. Mary incorporates studies in flower essences, herbs, homeopathy, and other nutritional therapies and research into her work in order to help the animals be as healthy and happy and they can be. She blends this intuitive training with her degrees in Behavioral Psychology from CSUS, Masters in Intuitive Diagnostics and a Ph.D. in Esoteric Philosophy and Hermetic Science from The Ritberger School of Esoteric Studies. Mary Argo’s diverse training and more than 15 years of dedication have given her work the calm ease and assurance that only comes from years of experience. Mary can be reached at

  • Clutter Breakthrough – The Simplicity of Living Well

    Staying healthy and active doesn’t have to be complicated, it is the simple things we do that can make a big impact on our health and happiness. Join me and Brenda Adams, a health and fitness expert, to learn about simple ways to incorporate healthy eating and activity into your daily living.

    Why Brenda? (In her own words…)
    Well, first, there’s what most people tend to look at: my formal education. I earned a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Simon Fraser University, which means I spent four (okay, maybe six) years studying the human body and how it functions. I’m also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (a life coach). And finally, I’m in the process of completing my master’s degree in adult education.

    So my knowledge about the human body, combined with the tools I’ve acquired as a life coach, and my understanding of how adults learn best are the reasons why I am the one to do this work. From the experience side of things, I’ve been a fitness professional for over 18 years. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to work for provincial fitness organizations and to run one of the largest fitness centers in Canada. I’ve also watched many fitness programs come and go. It seems that the flashy, get-fit-quick programs and the get-fit-in-only-five-minutes-a-day gimmicks are what sell. But that doesn’t mean they work. It pains me to see people wrongly led to believe that living a healthy lifestyle is difficult, expensive and downright unattainable. Enough with the gimmicks, let’s make healthy habits that stick.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Emotional Wellness – The Power of Journaling

    Just like clearing the physical clutter is necessary for us to clearly see what we have, so is clearing the mental clutter so we can get to the emotional wellness we desire. Join me and journaling expert, Ciel Ellis as we talk about the power of journaling and how it can be used as a tool to healing. Ciel offers research and her own experience to demonstrate how you can unlock the mental clutter that holds you back from your amazing life.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Stress Related Diseases – What’s Your Body Telling You

    Healer, Teacher, Entrepreneur – Jolina Karen teaches you how to uncover the hidden function in your dysfunction. She translates the messages your body is trying to tell you with illness, stress or other symptoms and helps you take the action necessary to feel better and thrive. She says, “Everything in the external world reflects what is going on in our internal worlds. Our diseases, relationship conflicts and personal struggles show us where we’re playing small, giving away our power and not fully honoring ourselves. As such, they are powerful messengers and gateways to personal growth and more purposeful living.”

    Nearly 20 years ago she watched helplessly as her mother battled cancer. If there was a therapy out there, her mother tried it. She lost. When Jolina found a tumor in her own breast she took a different approach. The tumor disappeared. Today she guides her clients to a deep appreciation for what is really going on in their health or relationship challenges, so they can free themselves from the drama and activate their powerful healer within. She helps her clients to access their own extra-ordinary internal genius and make themselves whole through her transformational 5-step process: Awakening GRACE™.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Tips for Parents with ADHD Kids

    Board Certified Educational Therapist, Bonnie Terry, teaches parents all the ways to help their kids excel in school and life regardless of their ADHD. Bonnie is internationally recognized as America’s Leading Learning Specialist. The host of Learning Made Easy Talk Radio, Bonnie brings knowledge and fun to showing parents how to create success for themselves and their children. Her newest book School Strategies for ADHD Kids is THE guide for parents of ADHD kids.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – A Very Personal Story of Releasing Spiritual Clutter

    Spiritual clutter, like resentments, not only hurt the person who harbors them but it affects how you move through your life in relationship with others. It’s takes up space in your heart, soul and head and keeps you from being present to creating an amazing life. I invite you to share in MY very personal story of forgiveness, love and personal growth by releasing spiritual clutter.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Do you remember? Powerful brain health to enhance your memory!

    If you’re like most of us the pace of life is fast, fast, fast – our brains are in overdrive to remember everything we need to do. According to Michael Green, Founder and President of Memory Spring, our ONE TRUE GIFT is our memory, not only in the sense of what we need to remember and do today but for preserving all the wonderful memories we have throughout our lives. Tune in to learn the four critical areas that affect brain health and for some tips for improving your memory. Michael has also created where Moms can go for information and resources to support the extra challenge that being a mom has on memory!

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Great Relief from Belief Clutter

    Spiritual clutter takes on a life of its own if it isn’t explored. It is the human experience to feel like there is something wrong with us if we can’t get ourselves organized like we “think” we should. The goal of A Simple Plan is to eliminate the shame around clutter and disorganization. This begins with understanding. Join me and my guest, Saniel Bonder as we take a spiritual journey around clutter and disorganization.

    A Harvard grad and Honorary National Scholar, SANIEL BONDER founded the international Waking Down in Mutuality work and has authored a dozen books on spiritual and personal transformation as well as an acclaimed novel, Ultimaya 1.0: The Trouble with the Wishes of Leopold Stokes. He and his wife and teaching partner Linda Groves-Bonder, who’s also a singer, songwriter, and artist, are currently founding Human Sun Institute “to ease the pain and heighten the joy of living today — and to awaken, educate and empower leaders for tomorrow.” It’s their privilege and blessing to serve as mentors and “white-hot activators” of your Optimal Total Wellness™ and Down-to-Earth Spirituality & Enlightenment™.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Build STRONG Confidence for Success

    Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t. You’re right.”

    Why not believe you can? Join me and my guest Shari Strong, Breakthrough Strategist and President and CEO of Strong Organization, to talk about confidence and how to move yourself forward when you feel stuck. Whether in life, business, parenting or getting organized believing in yourself is first and foremost to your success. Shari has had an incredible life filled with events that she could have let be an excuse for giving up, instead she remained strong and found the opportunity in life. Her amazing and inspirational story along with her STRONG Blueprint can create life changing results! Tune in now!

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Keep it Simple with “NO”

    Your schedule is packed with back to back commitments and at the end of the day you fall into bed only to get up and do it all over again. You rush from place to place without knowing where your time has gone.

    If your schedule is packed because you cannot say NO to a request for your time or your house is cluttered because you HAVE to have that new thing this is a powerful show for you.

    My guest Julie Hawkins is the President and founder of Julie Hawkins Center for Spiritual Studies and Empowerment. As a master trainer and gifted intuitive, Julie is passionate about teaching others to reclaim, connect and take charge of their life! She has a variety of powerful techniques to move your through your journey and she’s going to share some specific tips you can start using right away to start to slow down the pace and quiet the busyness in your life!

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Declutter your Body, Mind and Spirit with Yoga

    The importance of self care in the busyness of our lives today is critical to staying healthy; mentally, physically and spiritually! Yoga addresses all of these areas so you can declutter your mind, clear your space and reclaim your spirit. When we are slowing our pace and reducing our stress we become more focused and energized which helps with organization!

    On this show yoga instructor Kristi Hyland and I explore the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of Yoga

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Photo Organization

    You stand in front of the boxes and boxes of photographs that you have taken and collected throughout the years and are frozen in utter overwhelm. There’s the stack that is (was) going to be the baby scrapbook for your now 13 year old son, then there’s the wedding photos from your first marriage, and all the vacation photos from when traveled to a handful of exotic locations only to have the photos buried in a box jumbled with everything else.

    Join me and photo organizing expert Melinda Hollis with Out of the Box Photo Organizing to get easy tips and tricks to get the photos out of the jumbled mess and into safe photo storage! Move past the overwhelm and into action to keep your photos safe and accessible for when you are ready to share them with family and friends!

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Sex and Clutter with Dr. John Gray

    Join me and internationally known communication and relationship expert Dr. John Gray as we talk about the Mars and Venus of clutter and sex. The stuff you have piled all around you keeps you from having healthy intimacy and sex in your relationship. We’ll talk about how men and women think about clutter differently and how slight changes in living space can rev things up in the bedroom.

    We’ll also address how clutter can serve to keep you disconnected from yourself and your relationships. We’ll discuss how to begin to let go of clutter and still feel safe to live into your life and relationships.

    For more than 35 years, John Gray has conducted public and private seminars for thousands of participants. In his highly acclaimed books, videos and transformation seminars, John entertains and inspires audiences with practical communication techniques. John’s purpose is to create a world where men and women understand, respect, appreciate and ultimately work together.

    Visit for more information and be sure to tune into Dr. Gray’s daily advice show.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Your Health | Your Clutter

    Running around at the pace of life today sometimes makes it challenging to make healthy food choices. Once critical factor is being aware of your body and your choices; be conscious of yourself. So many times we go through the drive through because we’re running behind or have not planned ahead enough – driving out the other side feeling unsatisfied and even less energetic because of the food choice. Today is all about making conscious choices to nourish your body consciously. Join me and my guest Wellness Expert StaciJoy to learn about ways to become more aware and more healthy.

    StaciJoy published One little thing: how to make big leaps with tiny steps in March 2012 – a simple little book that will transform your life one tiny step at a time! For more teachings from StaciJoy tune into Health Zone, weekly internet radio show that she hosts on

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Small Business Guru Michael Gerber on Perseverance

    Whether you are organizing your home or office, setting goals for your business or making choices in life perseverance plays a critical role in your success. Knowing your intention and giving it your attention until it is complete is how you make things happen. Tune in to my conversation with entrepreneurial legend Michael Gerber as we get to the core of where success and perseverance come from; within.

    Michael Gerber is the author of the mega-bestseller “The E-Myth Revisited” and 13 other business coaching books plus numerous co-authored titles. He personally leads a business start-up incubator call The Dreaming Room where ideas are born and supported!

    If you’ve ever doubted your dreams or held back because of an old belief or another person’s opinion listen to this and go forward with all you want to do in your life!

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Productivity: Motivation Follows Action so Just Do It!

    Many people find procrastination an overpowering block to achieve the goals and tasks they have set out for themselves. Procrastination originates from a mindset (mental clutter) of fear, doubt and lack. Making progress, even slight forward momentum, is necessary for success in anything you set out to do. My guest, Gina Hiatt, is the creator of Finish Agent and an expert in helping people take the action needed to succeed! If it’s fear or self doubt that keeps you from taking action I challenge you to take one action item and do it anyway! There is a famous quote by M. Scott Peck that says, “Courage is not the absence of fear, courage is taking action in spite of fear.”

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

    Millions of adults and children are affected by Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD-ADHD). A highly misunderstood brain disorder, ADD can be frustrating for those affected as well as for those who have loved ones challenged with living day to day with ADD. Join me and my guest, Denslow Brown with The Coach Approach, as we demystify ADD and lighten the load for all who are touched by it. We’ll explore the mindset, symptoms and practical ways to cope with ADD whether you have it, think you have it or love someone who does.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – The Power of Setting Goals

    Just the act of setting goals proves to be a winning mindset and activity. Don’t let mental clutter keep you from setting and achieving audacious goals for your life and business. So much depends on our attitudes ABOUT ourselves and what we want to accomplish. Join me and my guest, Founder and CEO of eWomen Network, Sandra Yancey, as we get to the heart of setting goals, living life full out and getting everything you want out of life. We both believe deeply in what the great Zig Ziglar taught; “You can have everything you want if you just help enough people get what they want.”

    Sandra Yancey lives that in everything she has achieved, but not without her challenges. Listen in to our candid conversation about how setting goals and persevering can make the difference in EVERYTHING you do!

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Where does mental clutter come from?

    Clutter, disorganization and chaos rules the lives of many people in the world today, this is especially evident by our crazy pace and our growing need to accumulate. The multi-billion dollar organizing industry is serving to help people get their things in order yet there tends to be little attention paid to why is this way in the first place. Join me and my guest Ciel Ellis as we explore how clutter, disorganization and chaos affects our lives and how it truly serves us. We’ll explore ways to move through the mental clutter to free yourself into the life you dream of living.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Holiday Clutter: Mental, Physical & Spiritual

    The holidays are a time of joy and getting together with family. It is also a time when your mental, physical and spiritual clutter gets all stirred up. Whether it’s your decorations, your crazy schedule or your unpredictable family gatherings, it can be a challenge to deal with everything that comes your way. The clutter in your mind, in your home and in your heart makes it difficult to see things as they really are. Expectations are the common thread that drives the clutter and disorganization that can keep you from happy holidays.

    Join me for practical tips and another way to view the holiday time. Take care of yourself and be willing to see things differently and I promise you will find joy in the holidays!

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Perfectly Organized? How perfectionism holds us back!

    Definition: Perfect – entirely without flaws, defects or shortcomings.

    How many of us strive for the impossible in our life? How many of us continually fall short? And more importantly, how many of us beat ourselves up for not meeting our own expectations of doing things perfectly or being perfect? Join me to talk about where perfectionism originates and how you can begin to shift the way you think about trying to attain perfection. Perfectionism is in our human nature, the degree to which we strive for it and suffer the effects of it depends on our early experiences and our ongoing self talk about ourselves to ourselves.

    Join me and Barbara Drohan Dooley, a Transition Wisdom Consultant, as we talk about perfectionism, blame, shame and judgment and how to release yourself from the negative impact of old beliefs. The mental and spiritual clutter that is perfectionism is perpetuated by unrealistic images in the media and the cycle of self talk with have with ourselves. Barbara shares a deep personal story that will help you see how messages from our past can continue to show up in our present!

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Organizing Products – What’s HOT!!

    The organizing products industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are some very cool products out there that are changing the lives of people all over the world. Innovation in this industry is non-stop and I’m going to explore some of the hottest selling and most effective products on the market!
    Join me and my guest Adrian Saetes with the Organize It Store in Citrus Heights, CA to talk about what’s HOT and what’s getting lost in the clutter!
    At Organize It you will find home storage solutions, products for storage and organization, and organizing tips to help you get organized. Browse through our storage solutions to find organizers like closet storage organizers, laundry room organizers, bathroom storage solutions, bedroom organizers, craft and scrapbook organizers, jewelry organizers, kitchen storage solutions, shoe storage and fine china storage.
    Organize It is located in the Sacramento Area. And as our e-commerce store continues to grow, we will never forget the customer service, expertise, and product selection that have created so many loyal customers ? we are always thankful to these loyal customers that have continued to come back. Let us be your source for organizational products and storage solutions.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – The Organized Brain

    How your brain works plays a huge part in your ability to get organized and stay organized. No matter how hard you try or how hard you are on yourself it may just be a matter of how your brain is wired!
    Join me and my guest Brain Search and Rescue Expert Julie Anderson to talk about how the brain can help or hinder you in your efforts to get organized!
    Julie Anderson is a Public Speaker; Business, Homeschool and Communication Coach; and is a published Author. Over the past more than 11 years she has been speaking on topics related to improving all areas of life by understanding the Brain Personality Connection. In May of 2009 she created Your Best Mind the parent company for her speaking, consulting and coaching.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Organize your Finances

    Overwhelmed with all the paperwork that comes in through the mail each day? Behind on paying the bills? Do you feel like you are buried under an avalanche of paperwork?
    Join me and my special guest Karen Peak, CPA as we talk about ways to get a handle on the paperwork and get ahead of the late fees. We’ll break it down so you can feel relief from the mountains of paper that fill your inbox and your to do list!

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Tame your teen – tame the clutter!

    Are you overwhelmed with household responsibility? Do you feel like you are ‘on your own’ with all that needs to be done? If you are doing everything you can and it’s not working, then you are doing too much. Join me and my guest, Ray Erickson,LCSW and author of the book, Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen, Strategies That Work! for powerful insights into your family dynamics and what you can do to bring organization and cooperation into your home.
    Help your kids succeed in life by giving them good habits and it’s never too late to introduce organization and cooperation into the mix. Don’t feel defeated and don’t be the only one to do the work. Keep your family on track by sharing the love and sharing the load!.

    Ray Erickson is the author of Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen, Strategies that Work! After more than 30 years working with adolescents and families Ray has consolidated the accumulated wisdom gained into a practical, lighthearted look at the world of teenagers and what to do with them. Ray is an entertaining and insightful writer, public speaker and trainer who has fascinated and educated parents and professionals throughout the greater Sacramento for years. Ray also provides professional consultation and training for individuals, non-profit organizations and corporate employee development programs everywhere. Subscribe to Ray’s blog or sign up for his newsletter at http://www.rayerickson.comfor a steady (well almost steady) stream of good news about teenagers and great tips for working with them. Follow Ray on Twitter @rayericksonlcsw and learn how teenagers are making a difference in the world. Connect with Ray on LinkedIn and make business or just call Ray at 916-333-4169.

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Clearing your Blocks so Your Finances Rock!

    If your mind and spirit are cluttered with anything but flowing energy about money you can find yourself in a place of lack when it comes to financial success.
    Early beliefs about money can continue to show up in our adult experience. Maybe it seemed there was never enough or maybe it was handed out without accountability leading to over spending. Regardless of how money messages were created these beliefs
    It’s time to clear the blocks about money and let the CASH FLOW!

    About Jenn: America’s Business Hypnotherapist Jenn August is a certified success coach and international speaker. Her proprietary hypnotherapy system has gained her recognition as one of the world’s leading experts in removing subconscious blocks to business success. Jenn’s process has helped her clients, double, triple and quadruple their income and relieve fear, doubt and feelings of unworthiness. Through her work, she helps her clients see their true selves, their true gifts and their true mission so they can begin to live a life of clear purpose and abundance. She believes that people were born to succeed and programmed to fail and that they can change their programming to create a wonderful life for themselves and their families. The expert works with multi-million dollar businesses to training companies to help their clients get the best results with their training systems. Spiritual Entrepreneur John Assaraf of “The Secret” endorses Jenn’s work and says, “Hypnotism is where it’s at and Jenn August knows how to do it and help you!”

    For more information on Jenn’s Wealthy Mind Warrior Summit click the link and click on Turn on your Money Magnetism to get more information on Jenn and the powerful transformation she offers!

  • Clutter Breakthrough – Organizing with your Eyes Closed

    Organizing can and should be made simple enough to find things with your eyes close. For Karen Parsegian it is a MUST – Karen is blind! Everyone can learn from the simple ideas and techniques that Karen puts into place to get organized and stay organized. At times organizing the physical ‘stuff’ isn’t enough, mental clutter (head trash) can keep us from success by weighing down our enthusiasm. Discover how to reduce the physical and mental clutter and get busy living! Take it from Karen, organizing is a process not an event but she’s not sitting around waiting for perfection, she’s out there living LARGE with her hair blown back!!