From Slavery to Freedom

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Host: Tom Calarco

Are you interested in history? Do stories of people fighting for freedom fascinate you? Then join us on From Slavery to Freedom, as we explore the mysteries of the Underground Railroad and the legacies of the Civil War. Why you may ask is this important today? In fact, it has never been more important. During a time when our personal freedoms are eroding, the lengths to which human beings will go to restrict the freedom of others and the remarkable stories of those who struggled against overwhelming odds to gain their freedom can inspire us in these troubling times. Remember, though we have a natural right to our personal freedoms, their protection requires constant vigilance.

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From Slavery to Freedom – Summary – 10/01/12

Download Episode Tom tells the equally tragic and miraculously joyful story of Seth Concklin and Peter Still. It is little known but certainly one of the most remarkable stories among the many remarkable stories of the Underground Railroad. He also includes music by Kim and Reggie Harris and concludes the program with a selection from […]

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From Slavery to Freedom with Tom Calarco

Tom Calarco is the author of five books about the Underground Railroad. In 1998, he made two important discoveries that provided an impetus to the development of Underground Railroad studies in northeastern New York: one was locating an 1856 broadside with details about the Underground Railroad in Albany, and the other that was the rediscovery of an 1849 biography, privately published and posthumous, of a forgotten but important abolitionist who worked in the northeast. These led to his seminal work on the Underground Railroad in northeast New York, The Underground Railroad in the Adirondack Region, for which he was honored in 2008 as the winner of the Underground Railroad Free Press award for his contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the field of Underground Railroad history.

He has written for numerous publications over the years, covering a wide variety of subjects including music, antiques, business, law enforcement, health, and disabilities, and also is the author of the fantasy novel, Hi-doh Hi-dee Ha-Ha. He is currently working on two Underground Railroad projects, one that examines the history of the Underground Railroad in New York City, and the other that examines the validity of the early accounts of the Underground Railroad. He lives in Bradenton, Florida.

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