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Hosts: Chris Lockhart & Trent McMurray

Tomorrow’s technology: today with Trent and Chris. The latest tech products from tablets to smart phones, hardware and software that color our lives. Not dry explanations but easy to understand solutions to problems that we all face presented in a fun and entertaining format. Tame your technology so that it works for you!

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In the TechKnow – The TV Show

Download Episode This week we talk about the TV. The new TVs are all Flat Screens. How do you know which on to choose? LED, LCD, Plasma, DLP, Projection. What are these? And which one is for me? This weeks show will help you decide. And of course, App of the week.

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In the TechKnow with Trent McMurray and Chris Lockhart

Trent McMurray

Trent has 20 plus years in the Information Technology Industry, starting as a software instructor with the State of Ohio in 1992. Trent has always had a passion of technology and mobile devices. In 1998 Trent, opened up a wireless communications retail store, which evolved into a wireless communications company that specialized in helping corporations leverage mobile technology with business processes. Trent also taught computer classes at the American School of Technology in Columbus, Ohio. After pursuing a career as a Network Administrator with a Non Profit Organization in Cols., Ohio Trent accepted what he considers his dream job as Senior Enterprise Mobility Specialist with the Robert Bosch Corp. in Mount Prospect, IL.

Trent also runs a well known Blog Windows Phone Concierge – that focuses on How-To’s, reviews and FAQ’s focused around Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Trent also is a Microsoft Windows Phone VIP – which is designated and focused on the retail sales of Windows Phone devices. Trent also is a former Microsoft MVP for Windows Phone.

Chris Lockhart

Chris has always been fascinated with how things work. He bought his own first computer with his paper route money, a Timex Sinclair 1000.

Since then he has studied electronics engineering at DeVry University, served in the US Army as a Signal System Support Specialist, and spent 20 years in computer and computer network support.

He is currently the Media Director for a large non-profit. He is responsible for the IT support and is the producer and editor of a local and national television broadcast.

Chris also owns and runs a small video and media production company Lockhart Products LLC. Clients have included, Target Stores, Kentucky Derby Fitness, Columbus Black, City of Refuge Points of Impact, Patmon Law Firm, Renny J. Tyson and Associates and others.

His passion for technology and how it can make life easier and entertaining constantly shows through.

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