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WebTalkRadio.net HostEvery week, husband and wife team Ron & Jill Wolforth, talk, debate and argue with each other and the experts about America’s Favorite Pastime. It’s all about baseball – Big Leagues, Youth, on the field and behind the scenes. Is the coach of your kid’s baseball team driving them too hard? Or is Lou Piniella not driving those Cubs hard enough? Hear advice on good nutrition – and about the latest “non-steroid steroid” in circulation. Catch it all here with the Wolforths, America’s “First Family of Baseball”.


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Let’s Talk Baseball – Next Round Please

Download Episode Coach and Jill continue discussion on some very interesting playoff matchups. They have a neat story on the Rangers and Josh Hamilton along with a Bryce Harper update and statistical oddities for each of the 30 MLB teams. The classroom is on asking better questions to get better answers.

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Let’s Talk Baseball with Ron and Jill Wolforth

Jill Wolforth is a former NCAA DI Academic All-American fast pitch softball outfielder at the University of Nebraska…and is the CFO of Pitching Central and the Texas Baseball Ranch. Jill is the mother of two, one of which is an 11 year old select baseball player who was the offensive MVP at the USSSA World Series at 8 years old and she is currently one of the very few female select baseball coaches in the entire United States.

Ron Wolforth is the author of 6 books involving baseball including Surviving Little League- A Survival Guide for the Parents and Coaches of the Youth Athlete, The Performance Gap- Why Players Often Fail to Perform up to Expectations and the National Best Selling training manuals, The Athletic Pitcher and The Combat Pitcher. Coach Wolforth is considered the premier pitching authority for youth pitchers in the world today. For more information go to www.PitchingCentral.com or www.TexasBaseballRanch.com. They can also be reached via email at info@TexasBaseballRanch.com or phone at (936) 588-6762.

“When Ron Wolforth told me about his baseball radio show I was very excited. I have followed every move Ron and Jill have made over the last 10 years. This show will give parents, coaches, and players great insight into baseball instruction, current baseball issues, and living the “baseball family” lifestyle. Ron and Jill are the true first family of baseball and I for one will be listening in to every show.”

Paul Reddick- 90 mph club

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  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Next Round Please Coach and Jill continue discussion on some very interesting playoff matchups. They have a neat story on the Rangers and Josh Hamilton along with a Bryce Harper update and statistical oddities for each of the 30 MLB teams. The classroom is on asking better questions to get better answers.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Halladay’s Day Coach & Jill discuss Roy Halladay’s historic playoff opener as well as other playoff pitching performances. Coach is back with a rant on Lebron James. The classroom discussion is on words; words that coaches use and how they are frequently misunderstood and misapplied.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Don’t Just Be a Fan This week Coach & Jill take you through 9 unresolved issues that will affect the playoffs. Samantha joins them to update you on the remaining 2010 calendar and in the classroom segment they provide an in depth lesson on how to analyze & learn from the playoffs rather than simply being a fan.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Pay Attention! This week Coach & Jill have a neat story on several players whose perseverance has finally paid off. They also share two recent teachable moments from the baseball ranch tied to excuse making. And don’t miss the classroom segment as Coach Wolforth believes it’s the most important one yet.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – USA Baseball Tryouts Coach & Jill have some interesting information on shoulder & elbow injuries in major league baseball. They also share insights from their recent trip to Cary, NC for USA Baseball’s National Team tryouts and their classroom segment is titled “What have you done for me lately?”
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Watch Your Coffee Coach & Jill discuss more record breakers in baseball including Trevor Hoffman and his unique path to success. They also have a story on the unglamorous side of baseball along with Henry Aaron’s comments on steroids. And the classroom segment warns of the poison in your coffee.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Walking a Tightrope Coach & Jill talk about playoff runs and teams faltering at the finish. They also have several baseball in the courtroom stories along with their Triple Crown watch and the 103mph man. Coach rants about the newest Bad News Bear in Baseball and the classroom topic is Walking a Tightrope.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Triple Crown Coach & Jill take a look at the next young MLB superstar. They also talk about the exciting Triple Crown watch as well as how Major League baseball is missing the boat on their handling of young pitchers. Coach Rubinoff is back and discusses the importance of training both skill and ability.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Long Toss; Good for Development or Waste of Time? Coach and Jill answer this question. They also discuss the 4 big issues Major League Baseball must deal with and they share a new opinion on what may have actually caused Lou Gehrig’s death. Lastly, they have news on some social media happenings at the ranch.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – UCLA’s Trevor Bauer Coach & Jill have an extended interview with the NCAA’s 2010 strikeout leader detailing his training & approach. They also have news on Chipper Jones and Roger Clemens and the classroom segment talks about tempo, both a pitcher’s personal internal tempo and the external game tempo.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Thriving at Showcases Coach and Jill discuss details of the sale of the Texas Rangers, A Rod’s homerun record and rumors of Bryce Harper’s future. Coach also brings you some exclusive performances of 2010 and in the classroom segment they share the 6 Keys to Surviving & Thriving at Showcases.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Good Trade, Bad Trade Coach & Jill discuss the big trades that took place at this year’s deadline along with some of the worst trades in history. They also comment on Stephen Strasburg being placed on the DL. In the classroom segment they talk about how the world has already decided your fate. Learn what it ...
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Half Way There Coach & Jill discuss the All-Star game and review their predictions for team standings at the mid way point. They also comment on the passing of two Yankee icons this past week, George Steinbrenner & Bob Sheppard. The classroom segment focuses on time off for players, when and how much.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Fenway vs. Yankee Stadium Coach & Jill talk about their visits to these two esteemed ballparks. Baseball news covers some interesting statistics on pitch counts. Coach Rubinoff joins them to give his insights on the baseball ranch summer program and the classroom segment theme is Embracing the Challenge.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Cooperstown Coach & Jill share their experience in Cooperstown including their visit to the Hall of Fame and Dreamspark. They discuss some fascinating obscure baseball records that could be set this year and the classroom outlines one of Coach’s students and his 15 year journey to the Big Leagues.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – The Year of the Pitcher Coach & Jill discuss the resurgence in pitching at the major league level including Stephen Strasburg’s big league debut. Coach rants about a new mercy rule put into place in a league in Canada and the classroom segment discusses a philosophical flaw that ruins players every year.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Perfect!? Coach & Jill talk about the consequences from the blown call in Armando Galaraga’s recent bid for a Perfect Game. With almost three perfect games in a month, Coach Rubinoff joins them to discuss how hitting plays into the equation and the classroom focuses on a Return to Perfect in training.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – The ‘D’ Word Coach & Jill share some wild stories including a hazing incident and the monitoring of social media usage by college athletes. They also discuss the passing of Jose Lima and trade rumors surrounding Roy Oswalt. The classroom focuses on the ‘D’ word. Find out what it is and how it’s overused.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – The Natural Coach and Jill have a special guest this week to discuss an exciting new baseball reality TV show. Their new Beavis & Butthead segment inducts three players to the inaugural class. And the classroom segment shares how to advise on becoming a true leader on the field and in the club house.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Unwritten Rules of Baseball Coach & Jill talk about Dallas Braden’s perfect game as well as his run-ins with A-Rod and Evan Longoria, spurring a discussion on the unwritten rules of baseball. They also cover recent record breaking performances and analyze the comment – most players have no hope.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – What’s in the Water in Philly? Coach and Jill have a couple more crazy baseball stories from Philadelphia. They also share thoughts on the passing of Tiger’s broadcaster Ernie Harwell. Coach is back with a rant you don’t want to miss and the classroom segment discusses how casualness leads to casualties.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Just A Bit Outside Coach & Jill discuss Bob Uecker’s leave from baseball. They also opine on Ryan Howard’s new contract. Coach Marty Rubinoff joins them to dispel some conventional wisdoms on hitting and the classroom segment focuses on what makes Roy Hallady so successful and dealing with politics in baseball.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Coach & Jill share a heart-warming story, a tragic story, one of bad judgment and one of horrendous behavior. They interview Al Dilz of Sports Sensors and discuss some inexpensive measurement tools for training. The classroom topic is double vision. Learn what it is & why it’s important.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – USA Baseball Coach & Jill interview USA Baseball Coach Don Freeman who’s coaching a national team few know exists. Baseball news covers Strasburg’s debut, Cliff Lee’s status and the struggles of David Ortiz and the Astros. The classroom segment provides an inside look at Pitching Central and the Baseball Ranch.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Strange Happenings in Baseball Baseball news covers some unusual topics that most don’t hear about such as the Yankees/Brewers squabble, the six finger glove, and Tim Lincecum’s bobble head. Coach Wolforth has a special dedication this week and the classroom segment focuses on work ethic.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Banning the Curveball Coach and Jill give their 2010 picks from Division rankings to World Series Champs. The classroom segment focuses on negative consequences of good intentions (ie banning the curveball) and Coach Rubinoff joins them for a hitting discussion on developing a hitter’s game plan.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – The Freak Defense Coach Wolforth’s rant bashes those using this defense. Baseball news covers the good and bad news for the Minnesota Twins and the controversy surrounding the A’s new stadium. The classroom segment discusses the book The Genius in All of Us and its specific applications to baseball.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Pujols, Will He Stay or Go? The Wolforth’s take you through their week at Spring Training in Arizona. They also discuss Pujols’ trade talks as well as the controversy surrounding Rangers’ Manager Ron Washington. The classroom segment focuses on understanding and winning the Match up.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Strasburg’s Big Debut Baseball news includes Stephen Strasburg, Joe Nathan’s injury and Yankee contracts. Coach and Jill are joined by former pro pitcher Brian Oates who shares some insight on minor league spring training and the classroom segment focuses on the significance of improving mindset 1-5%.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – A-Rod Still With Off Field Issues Jill & Coach discuss several Big Leaguers making news off the diamond. Performance Enhancement expert Eric Cressey joins them to talk about assessing and correcting athletes and this week’s classroom session focuses on balance and how it can actually be a BAD thing.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Spring Training Story Lines Coach & Jill share some insights on Mike Lowell, Manny Ramirez and Bobby Cox. Don’t miss Ron’s rant on some professional coaches or the discussion on criticism. And finally, learn the simple mathematical formula for creating the proper reaction pressure in practice for hitters.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Spring Has Sprung Are you getting the baseball itch? This week Coach and Jill discuss the opening of Spring Training. They also interview former Mets Trainer, Jeff Cavalier and talk about his Load to Explode Hitters Training Program. Finally, are you process or outcome oriented and which is better?
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Undercover Coach Coach & Jill challenge you to take a deeper look at what and how you train whether you’re a coach, parent or player. They also finish detailing the 11 critical variables that affect an athlete’s performance and Coach Rubinoff joins them to update everyone on his strobe glass training.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Athletes Are Like Snowflakes Coach & Jill walk you through the first 6 of the 11 critical variables that affect an athlete’s performance. They also discuss the responsibilities a player has when faced with a bad situation and Coach Rubinoff joins them to talk about circuit training for hitters.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Getting Stronger, Good or Bad? Jill & Coach discuss how getting stronger isn’t always good for a baseball player. Coach Rubinoff joins them to talk about some upcoming experimentations taking place at the ranch and Coach Wolforth comments on his second favorite pitch in baseball.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – Should Practice Be Fun? Jill & Coach dive into how to make practices more enjoyable for players and coaches by identifying the four characteristics of fun. They also discuss their recent trip to Germany where Coach Wolforth was a speaker at the German Baseball Federation Coaches Clinic.
  • Let’s Talk Baseball – How Do You Start Your Day? Jill & Coach pose this question and talk about how it relates to them and you in baseball and life. They also dig into the Best of the Let’s Talk Baseball archives including a tribute to Coach John Scolinas and their spoof on the USSSA.
  • Let's Talk Baseball – The Myth of Praise This week Jill & Coach discuss praise, self esteem and self image and how they affect young athletes. They also interview the president of World Sport, David Eby. And finally they discuss the hottest topics at the 2010 ABCA coaches clinic in Dallas.
  • Let's Talk Baseball – Does Your Athlete React or Respond to Adversity? Jill & Coach suggest that how an athlete habitually replies to adversity or failure may very well be the difference maker in his/her career. They also visit with Resident Hitting Expert Marty Rubinoff about the keys to waking up the brain.
  • Let's Talk Baseball – Athletes Dialing 911? Jill & Coach ask the question How often do you dial 911 in your athletic career? Then they analyze its implications. Next, having some fun this week, they share their favorite sports movies and bring in the whole family to reveal some things you might not know about the Wolforths.
  • Let's Talk Baseball – All Tiger, All the Time Listen to Coach & Jill give a unique perspective on Tiger Woods. They also interview Paul Reddick who shares information on the new Load to Explode program. Finally, Coach Wolforth discusses the pitching challenge of velocity, command and arm health all at the same time.
  • Let's Talk Baseball – What Are You Prepared to Do? Jill & Coach pose this question and talk about how it ties to baseball and life. Coach Rubinoff joins the show to discuss slow motion training and the final segment covers velocity training for pitchers and the 12 variables that affect it.
  • Let's Talk Baseball – 2009 MVP Discussion Coach & Jill discuss Joe Mauer and Albert Puljos’ training regimens and what we can learn from them. They also dive into the 1999 MLB draft of which Puljos was a member and finally, they have a surprise guest who shares specifics on training at the Texas Baseball Ranch.
  • Let's Talk Baseball – "The Teaching Gap: Applying The Secrets of the Japanese Math Teacher to Your Baseball Athlete" This week Jill & Coach discuss The Teaching Gap a book detailing why Japanese and German Students are ahead of American students in Math…and expand on how we can apply what the authors found to the training of our baseball athletes. They also interview former professional umpire Tim Epling and talk about the umpiring gaffs ...
  • Let's Talk Baseball – "Rest for Pitchers: How Much & When" “This week Coach Wolforth & Marty Rubinoff pay tribute to national baseball treasure John Scolinas, who recently passed away. Jill & Coach talk about the recent MLB golden glove selections and we again go to the Let’s Talk Baseball classroom and discuss the concept of rest for the pitching athlete…regardless if he is a MLB ...
  • Let's Talk Baseball – "Why Cliff Lee is Good" On this week’s show Coach & Jill take a look at what we can learn from Cliff Lee’s Game 1 World Series performance. Coach Marty Rubinoff joins them to give a hitter’s perspective on the topic and they finish with recent news surrounding women and baseball. It’s not just about the boys.
  • Let's Talk Baseball – "It's about Judgment" On this week’s show Coach & Jill discuss good and bad judgment and tie it into recent playoff umpiring gaffs. Marty Rubinoff joins them to talk about how to run an effective practice. Finally, Coach’s training tips for the week focus on the powerful book “Talent Code”.
  • Let's Talk Baseball – "Freedom of Speech" “On this week’s show, Coach & Jill share their thoughts on some recent sports crack downs of speech including the Rush Limbaugh/NFL event and the New York Yankees “God Bless America” singer. Coach also has an interview with professional pitcher Jon Huizinga that any pitcher dealing with adversity must listen to. And finally, what are ...
  • Let's Talk Baseball – "Dog Days of Summer" This week the Wolforth’s discuss tempers flaring in professional baseball along with another bad behavior coming to light. Finally you’ll hear an update on their USSSA battle. Find out what Ron was threatened with. You don’t want to miss it. In the Voices From the Bleachers segment Jill proclaims Coach Wolforth the Czar of Youth ...
  • Let's Talk Baseball – "You CAN Fight City Hall" On this week’s show Coach and Jill take USSSA Baseball, a major youth organization, to task over their duplicitous behavior at the recent Elite 32 World Series in Orlando. This is one you don’t want to miss as they shine a light on a ridiculous and dangerous rule the USSSA has in place. Also on ...
  • Let's Talk Baseball – "Trading Places" On this week’s show, the Wolforth’s share their thoughts on the 2009 Hall of Fame Inductees as well as current trade talks. They also discuss the keys to learning and improving baseball skills. In the “Voices From the Bleachers” segment, Coach Wolforth answers a question about elbow soreness and what people need to know when ...
  • Let's Talk Baseball – "Is Perfect Really Perfect?" This week the Wolforth’s talk about the myth of being perfect. They also discuss the importance of learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Yes, that’s right, being comfortable with being uncomfortable. In the “Voices From the Bleachers” segment, Coach Wolforth answers the question “What do you think about baseball players doing squats?”. He answers ...
  • Let's Talk Baseball – "The State of Baseball 2009" Heading into the All-Star break, the Wolforth’s share their thoughts on the state of baseball 2009. They also discuss what Korean golfers, Russian tennis players and Brazilian soccer players have in common and what the baseball community can learn from it. In the “Voices From the Bleachers” segment, Coach and Jill address the frequently asked ...
  • Let's Talk Baseball – "There is No Right Way to do a Wrong Thing!" This week Ron and Jill take a look at several examples of people making poor decisions, the resulting troublesome outcomes and what we can learn from them. They then discuss the topic of ‘Playing time’ and whether it’s really all people make it out to be. In the “Voices From The Bleachers” section Coach & ...