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Paranormal is Normal – Science is deluded regarding the Paranormal

Download Episode My guest this week is Rupert Sheldrake, the famous biologist and scientist, who has become disillusioned with the dogmas of science which he writes about in his new book The Science Delusion. He says science regards paranormal phenomena as illusory and mechanistic medicine is the only one that really works. He has personally […]

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Paranormal is Normal with Richard Alabone

Richard Alabone’s formative years, from age 9 to 15, where spent at boarding school in Kent where he saw the results of air warfare firsthand. His home was bombed on two occasions.

Having trained as a mechanical engineer he worked for 20 years at Marconi’s as a research and development engineer, on radar and later television equipment, and was responsible for several patents on that equipment.

Subsequently he was the technical manager at the Central Office of Information in London, the Civil Service government information, in their films and television division.

He has always been interested in the paranormal and his main hobby was getting as involved as much as possible in order to find out how it could work, as well as why. So he has always had a conviction of a natural solution to psychic experiences, and therefore becoming involved in healing, meditation, hypnosis, speaking in tongues, and ghost hunting. It was during a meditation class that he experienced an ecstatic enlightenment which was a very profound mental experience for him, adding to his determination to find some sort of reason for paranormal experiences.

Firstly, he discovered that trance evolved with consciousness 70,000 years ago giving explanation to all trance experiences, from deja vu to delusions and mental illness. Furthermore a train of scientific evidence reveals that telepathy is a fact of life.

He is a member of the Society for Psychical Research, the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, the Scientific and Medical Network as well as the Alister Hardy Society. He has given many lectures and written articles about parapsychology.

During his retirement he published a book about trance and telepathy in 2009 which was titled Sublimity and has a website: which contains his latest thinking about the subject. He took up beekeeping after retirement and writes regularly in the local beekeeping magazine. Another of his hobbies is jazz music and started playing the trumpet when at school. He ran a local jazz band for many years and still plays coronet occasionally.

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  • Paranormal is Normal – Science is deluded regarding the Paranormal

    My guest this week is Rupert Sheldrake, the famous biologist and scientist, who has become disillusioned with the dogmas of science which he writes about in his new book The Science Delusion. He says science regards paranormal phenomena as illusory and mechanistic medicine is the only one that really works. He has personally contributed more than anyone to the understanding of telepathy and has made a study of many psychic phenomena. His new book has deliberately caused controversy in scientific circles, because he has questioned the 10 core beliefs of science, the last two being that telepathy is illusory, and normal medicine is the only one that works. The website has an enormous amount of material, including a new section Paranormal is Normal. If you click on explore Sheldrake TV, there are several videos about him and his work.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Ghosts in the city are Normal

    Most large cities have ghost stories and Prague in Europe is no exception. This city has seen more than its fair share of terrors in the last 500 years. My guest is Jessica Ramage who lives there, taking parties round the old city on a regular basis. She knows where ghosts have been seen and has studied the history of the city. She tells us of atrocities that have been committed in various places, for example, 27 people were publicly executed and their heads placed on display for 10 years. There is an underground dungeon where prisoners were kept and killed, where these memories seem to remain and are sensed by the people visiting. Jessica discusses the possible ways that the ghostly emotions, lights and sounds are stored in the area of the crimes.

    Richard Alabone

  • Paranormal is Normal – Some Astrology cannot be Denied

    For the last 50 years there has been controversy over the investigation into astrology by Michel Gauquelin who discovered that part of the system of astrology is absolutely correct. This relates to people’s birth time and the planet that was rising at the time – popularly known as the Mars Effect. Generally speaking, people born as Mars is rising are of a particular type and go on to be soldiers or sportsmen, and people born under Jupiter tend to be actors, Saturn gives rise to scientists and the Moon to authors. Ridiculous! you might say, but you would be perfectly entitled to think that, just as most scientists do. But the only reason why you are entitled, is because Gauquelin, was at a loss to find any reasonable explanation, as has everybody else for the last 50 years. If you look on my website you will see my perfectly reasonable explanation, under telepathy theory, and if you listen to this show I will give a broad outline of my theory. I’m currently working on a book in which I will explain many things as well as the Mars effect. I cannot recommend a website that gives a fair and balanced account of Gauquelin’s work as the only sites available have been put there by critical skeptics who condemn what is obvious.

  • Paranormal is Normal – A transplant heart carriers lifestyle characteristics.

    An amazing but manmade experience, that appears to be paranormal, has happened repeatedly to the point that it has to be accepted as normal. A donor heart in some way infuses the memories of its former owner into those of its new owner. Many books and scientific papers, see:…/I-given-young-mans-heart—started-craving-
    have all revealed these incredible facts, which are hard to be precise about, but this evidence cannot just be ignored. As with all paranormal evidence, a belief is only possible when analysis has pointed to possible, or likely, explanations. In this programme I give a survey of current thinking regarding explanations as well as my own thoughts; together with accounts of experiences noted by transplant patients.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Quantum Science and Angels that Heal

    The study of quantum science and biology helped my guest to heal herself after a personal mystical experience. She had an Angelic message which started her journey to personal healing. She then studied the healing methods of various schools from Chinese medicine to Indian Chakras. Her name is Eva-Maria Mora and the main thrust of her work has been to discover why, why people get ill when their symptoms very often do not relate to the cause. Once the cause is established then more effective healing is possible and Eva found that by raising the energy level of both herself and her clients she was able to give a new healing modality, what she calls Quantum Angel Healing which she has carefully detailed in her book by that name. Quantum Angel Healing is therefore a combination of energetic and spiritual healing which is possible to learn from her book. See: Underlying all ill health are incorrect thoughts, emotions and patterns of behaviour, which may be transformed by making use of quantum phenomena and a higher source of energy.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Stage Hypnosis Shows are great entertainment

    The power of hypnotic trance is clearly demonstrated when it is used for entertainment and my guest Chris James is an all round entertainer who does use hypnosis as part of his act. See: It is clear that some people in an audience are easily hypnotised. Chris has volunteers come up and some he will easily put into trance, who then stay on stage to be part of the entertainment. They become deeply hypnotised and can then be persuaded to do stupid things which very much amuses the audience. In the past these shows may well have been unreasonable and too personal, but Chris is a member of the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists, which gives guidance and help, ensuring that shows are safe and ethical. Additionally it ensures that adequate insurance cover is always available in case of accident, ether physical or psychological. My own experiences of stage hypnosis in the past, presumably not governed by the Ethical Federation, have been unsatisfactory and I have written up descriptions of these experiences in my book Sublimity.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Praying is Normal; even Praying in Tongues.

    People have used the practice of speaking in tongues since ancient times and it formed part of early Christianity, but was soon outlawed. It is used to reach a deeply religious trance which often produces a mystical experience that will be remembered by the fortunate person for life. My guest is Steven Evans, an ordained minister, who preaches in a church in the north of England, where speaking in tongues or glossolarlia is regularly used in the services. Not only does he teach the ministry of tongues, but often carries out healing of the sick by spiritual healing. His church has a website: but in common with most Charismatic and Pentecostal churches they do not advertise the fact that they pray in tongues. But in the very special emotional atmosphere of these churches the newcomer will often start to speak in tongues bringing about a new dimension to faith. My own study of trance led me to study this subject which I discussed in my book Sublimity that demystifies all trance states.

  • Paranormal is Normal – The Art of Dowsing is like Magic – but quite Normal

    Yes: we’ve all heard of dowsing, but can it really find water and other things? My guest is Leeroy Bull who was the president of the American Society of Dowsers at one time, has spent a lifetime dowsing. He gives examples of what can be done by dowsing as well as many insights into the principles and practice of dowsing. If you Google: “The art and craft of map dowsing,” you will find his book available on Amazon, or from the American Society of Dowsers. Leeroy tells us today about the special state of mind necessary to be held while dowsing, which of course is a trance state, in which the Dowser’s conscious mind asks questions of his unconscious with the answers been given by a pendulum or dowsing rods. The art of dowsing, which is very much paranormal, is something that can be taught and learned, and when practiced regularly it becomes quite normal.

    If you visit my website; you will find the background to trance and telepathy which is very relevant to the understanding of dowsing.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Trance and Mental Illness

    The human race is very susceptible to mental problems, of one sort or another, which at one time appeared to be untreatable. Today we have many ways of helping these problems and my guest Joe Griffin is a therapist who has lectured on the best way mental health issues can be resolved. He has published books and set up a college which is being attended by thousands of therapists all based on our knowledge of the ways that the brain can sometimes respond to bad experiences which become embedded in our unconscious. The understanding and use of trance is basically the way that mental problems are addressed. Joe Griffin discusses treatments for depression, phobias or addiction, showing the way that modern therapies and counselling can offer relief or a complete cure. Their website shows the list of courses, together with their common sense Human Givens approach to mental health, research, and the far reaching benefits

  • Paranormal is Normal – It’s NOT a Mystery. So how can the Paranormal be Understood

    This week I’m analysing about 90 different ways that we can experience paranormal events, and that number of course makes the whole thing appear mysterious. Many of these have been discussed in previous shows with an expert talking on that particular topic. But it’s only by standing back and taking a holistic view that any sense can be made out of the whole thing. The main problem is that we have so many words for describing the same experience: it’s all a complete muddle. This week I will show that there are only two phenomena that are the basis for the whole range of the paranormal, and they are trance and telepathy which are both surrounded by mystery as up till now no description has been available which suggest how or why. In the centre section of this show I’ll outline my theory that explains how and why, which fits all the evidence, and allows a perfectly reasonable explanation. This was explained in my book a few years ago in Sublimity and has been updated on my website Recently these theories of trance and telepathy have allowed a new ingredient in the understanding of human consciousness; given on my website as the Philosophy of Consciousness.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Remote Viewing – How is it Done?

    Although remote viewing can sometimes be explained by trance and telepathy, this is generally not a reasonable explanation. So what is it that enables a person to see something in a sealed box? or see something 100 miles away? or even move objects with only the power of the mind? That’s a good question, about which my guest has some very interesting comments to make. His name his Gwyn Hocking, whose background is in chemistry, and he became Professor of Materials Chemistry, University of London, in 2001, and has also long been interested in paranormal events. His website is: which has many links of interest about remote viewing, and his e-mail is: should you wish to contact him.
    Remote viewing requires firstly, some special deep trance state, followed by instruction into how to project in order to remote view. Easy to say: but apparently not completely impossible to do. However some individuals, for example Uri Geller, are able to obtain the special trance state while behaving more or less normally and performing incredible remote viewing, as he did at Stanford University. Watch 4 videos at: There is evidence that even the ancient Egyptians used remote viewing and had their own way of teaching that special deep trance state.

  • Paranormal is Normal – End of Life Experiences: or NDE’s

    There is a huge body of literature and scientific evidence for near-death experiences (NDE’s). My guest is Dr. Peter Fenwick who is a neuropsychiatrist and Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, who is a leading clinical authority on near-death experiences. He also lectures and has published 2 books on the subject of NDE’s. As a neuroscientist he has been in a position to be close to patients reporting an end of life experience, from which they have been subsequently resuscitated. The experiences are difficult to understand or explain, and pose difficult scientific questions, about which there has been much scientific research and debate. Dr. Fenwick explains the science and problems, in non scientific terms, giving information on this strange but not on common human experience. Although Dr. Fenwick’s interest is mainly about medical end of life experience, the subject does embrace a much wider range of experience which does not involve a cardiac arrest and subsequent resuscitation.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Traditional Oriental Reiki

    In Japanese, Reiki means ‘mysterious influence’ which relies on a spiritual energy that is hard to define. It was started 90 years ago by Mikao Usui as a result of Buddist training which involved meditation, fasting and prayer, that led to him practice healing by the use of universal life force energy. But despite the vague descriptions; it really does work. My guest, Guido Terzaghi, practices at a health centre in the University town of Cambridge. His website is: which gives much information on oriental Reiki, its science, videos, and with information on related therapies. Reiki is commonly practiced in many countries of the world. This programme not only explores its spiritual and practical side, but compares it to other forms of complementary medicine and healing, discovering that there are some common factors, and seemingly all these techniques use the same fundamental system to heal the body and mind. What is it?

  • Paranormal is Normal – Unconscious Connecting – or Telepathy

    I’ve just discovered that autistic children are very receptive to being taught unconsciously by non verbal connecting, which to me is telepathy. My guest is Mary Ann Harrington, who has been teaching autistic children for 20 years and she’s learned that she can communicate non verbally in some way or another.
    Look at: and similar sites in Google under “autism and telepathy”. Recently, there has been published about 10 books on the subject of autistics, and how best to teach them the skills which some of them seemed to lack, which we normally take for granted.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Talking to a Medium with the gift of Healing and Spiritual Surgery

    My guest Quintin Smith saw spirit people as a child, and then started on a career as a medium and healer at age 22. He tells of his spirit medium ship, firstly privately and later becoming a visiting medium at Spiritualist Churches and a teacher at the College of Psychic Studies in London. He then became interested in healing and has been trained by Ray Brown who is a well known spiritual healer and surgeon. Ray has appeared twice on BBC television which you can see on:
    Quintin has learned much from Ray Brown, and has been carrying out spiritual healing and surgery himself for several years. His website is: which gives information on his medium ship, his healing/spiritual surgery, and his workshops and courses.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Training with a Mind Mirror, to achieve altered states of consciousness

    In 30 years there has been a revolution in the teaching of meditation and in personal mind control which has been brought about by many new methods and devices. One of the first was the Mind Mirror, and the inventor’s book that accompanied it called “The Awakened Mind”. My guest today is Judith Pennington who makes use of that technology to train for deep meditation in classes, demonstrations and teaching. See her website The Mind Mirror is a biofeedback instrument which allows the user to see his own brainwave patterns, in order to get the feel of controlling his mind, to achieve deep relaxation. It also allows a tutor to give advice and guidance, especially in a classroom situation. Mind training and meditation is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people using it for healing, medium ship, lucid dreaming, and even ESP studies.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Past Life Therapy

    The use of past life regression for therapy is becoming increasingly popular and my guest Elizabeth Hill is one of many practitioners. Hypnosis is used to regress to past lives in order to find out if there have been past problems which may affect the mental or physical health in this life. Reincarnation is a core belief in many religions, even early Christianity, and this is because of reports of people remembering something that happened long ago. Modern therapy involves a combination of several techniques one of which is past life therapy and Elizabeth practices several techniques in giving a holistic treatment. She uses her intuition in order to give help and advice, probably sometimes using her psychic ability as an unconscious aid to intuition. She has a website: and another;

  • Paranormal is Normal – Lucid Dreaming:- Awake when Asleep.

    Dreaming is not easily understandable, and lucid dreaming which does happen to many people occasionally, used to be considered paranormal. But psychologists started to study it 100 years ago and there is now considerable understanding. 30 years ago, studies in the UK and that Stanford University in the U.S. both discovered that lucid dreaming occurs during normal REM sleep. It is when a sleeper is aware of a different type of dream, and is able to direct his own attention, even signalling by eye movement to a researcher when the rest of the body is paralysed. But my guest Beverley D Urso, is a natural lucid dreamer who helped in the research at the Stanford Sleep Laboratory with Stephen La Berge many years ago. Not only that, she is psychic and has learned to use telepathy and healing while dreaming. Furthermore she has learned to bring the lucid state into daytime consciousness with good effect. Visit: and Apparently lucidity is not uncommon, as about half the population claim to have had a special strange dreaming experience after a day of high emotion and arousal.

  • Paranormal is Normal – A Psychic is able to act in Many Ways.

    My guest, Vicky Sweetlove, has developed her natural psychic abilities so that now she is able to give a wide range of psychic advice and to perform various psychic functions. On her website; you will see she is a trained professional in the field and is able to give advice on housing and buildings, using the ancient Chinese method of Fung Shui, as well as removing unwanted attachments to spaces and buildings. She is able to achieve amazing success by dowsing and also accesses people’s individual psychic records, from what is called the Akashic Records library, so that advice can be given about health, relationships, family, career and creativity. Some people suffer from a spirited attachment which manifests in different ways. Vicky is trained in identifying and releasing these undesirable attachments. This is known as Spirit Release; which is a fairly new way of investigating a personal psyche and providing a psychological balance. All these psychic abilities rely on a single method of sensing, akin to telepathy, which I have explained in my book Sublimity, and website;

  • Paranormal is Normal – Floatation Tanks –the way to deep meditation

    Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and often achieves very little, because to clear the mind demands much willpower and practice, and it generally takes many years. But the modern flotation tank allows a person to easily reach deep trance and meditation as the tank completely removes input from all the senses. My guest is Tim Strudwick, the MD of Float Works who run of the largest floatation centre in the world, and also make the floatation machines.

    Floating in these tanks is a strange sensation, but it is used to reduce stress and to enhance the power of hypnotism. Standard hypnotic procedures may be much more powerful when given in a floatation tank – also some people report having had an extatic enlightenment experience, which can often change a person’s view of the world – permanently.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Healing is perfectly Normal and we begin to know why

    There is strong evidence that healers can affect the growing of seeds and plants, as well as bone cultures in a dish. My guest, who has studied all aspects of healing, is Robert Charman, and who is Chairman of the Confederation of Healing Organisations here in the UK.

    He talks firstly about the statistical analysis of healing powers which shows that there is scientific proof that healing works. He then details some tests that show this effect, after which we go on to discuss what actually happens. It has been shown that the EEG of a healer has a very distinct form; but furthermore, that this particular brainwave pattern is transferred to someone being healed, which is an important part of the healing process. Bob finishes his revelations by noting that healers are now doing great work in British hospitals, some being employed as paid members of staff. More information on telepathy and healing will be found on my website:

  • Paranormal is Normal – Helping People learn to Heal Themselves

    We know that healers can heal; but this healer learned how she could teach people to really heal themselves. Her name is Dr. Susan Allison, who lives in California. Susan studied many disciplines associated with healing from Process Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Shermanic trance, to Reiki and Spiritual Healing. She realized, that by combining all these techniques, a much more powerful new healing method was possible, even causing her husband’s tumour to disappear. Details of this revolutionary method are all in her book “Empowered Healer” which she talks about in detail in this show. The website is but listen to Susan Allison Ph.D. talking about her training and methods, and the way that anyone can learn how to heal themselves of physical or mental problems.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Medium of the century: from Brazil.

    Chico Xavier was perhaps the greatest medium. His work was nearly all automatic writing, but he was able to contact the “spirit world” with the greatest of ease. He wrote hundreds of books which were amazingly accurate. For example, he wrote about the Romans, of 2,000 years ago, giving accurate details of life at the time; even giving people’s names. But he had very little education there being not even a library in his hometown which was in a remote part of Brazil. My guest is Guy Lyon Playfair who lived in Brazil for several years, meeting Chico on several occasions, then later writing a book “Chico Xavier-Medium of the Century” and another about Chico and psi research in Brazil called “The Flying Cow”. He gives many details of Chico’s life and psychic powers; which were not only writing books, but he conducted spiritual medium ship where he was able to write down personal details of sitters deceased relatives, which he could not possibly have known. He gave away all his money, to charities, so was very famous and loved. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, which he nearly won, and at his funeral 20,000 people joined the procession. The question arises how did he get all the information for his automatic writing which was all done without conscious thought and at great speed? much of it done in public. Was it by contact with the spirits, which was his own belief, or was it by ESP? My own opinion is that it was the latter, but my guest has no fixed opinion on the matter although he is able to give first hand information on the medium ship of that amazing man.

  • Paranormal is Normal – These machines aid Meditation and train Psychic Ability

    My guest is the managing director of Meditations Ltd. who sells meditation aids which use light and sound, to bring about deep meditation much quicker and easier than do traditional meditation techniques. Headphones and glasses, which have small lights inserted, are used to induce relaxation by changing our brain rhythms causing us to access the dream or trance state. This will improve sleep, reduce stress and depression, as well as focus concentration and memory. My guest Ivor Murray explains that everybody is a latent psychic, and can develop their psychic powers by learning the art of meditation, Then by using a 12 week course anyone may gradually learn to identify their own psychic ability that may include, ESP in its many forms, the ability to see auras, out of the body experiences or to contact and use a spirit guide. All these things are considered to be paranormal; but the ability is there. With slow and careful training there is a good chance that some measure of success can be achieved using modern technology, as well as the instructions from the psychic giving 12 lessons over the Internet.

  • Paranormal is Normal – The Artistic Sleepwalker – Lee Hadwin

    Since his teens Lee has walked in his sleep and then started drawing on walls and furniture. Then he started drawing horses on paper he had left lying around. One night he drew Marilyn Monroe which was very artistic and a good likeness; with some more of Marilyn a week later. That was 20 years ago and since then Lee has occasionally drawn in his sleep often after too much to drink. He is no artist during the day, the fact is that his unconscious has learned to draw very well; when he is supposed to be asleep. See his pictures on and his face book on

    For the last few years he has appeared on radio and television, and had numerous articles written in the press. Some of his drawings have been sold, with the proceeds going to various charities, including those for children and missing people. Sleepwalking tends to run in families and happens to about 10 per cent of the general population generally in children or adolescents. So it’s not normal, but certainly not the paranormal. Most people only have a few occurrences but for a few like Lee it happens repeatedly, and they may eat in their sleep, even prepare food, compose music or draw; and with practice the sleepwalking mind learns to do these things easily and well. These pictures are certainly amazing; but in no way paranormal.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Even a Scientist and Business Executive can be Psychic.

    I hope my guest who is a scientist and financial director will forgive me for saying she is psychic – because she really is. She is Jude Currivan and has lived with experiences of telepathy, clairvoyance, OOBE and apparent precognition all her life, but learned at a very young age to keep quiet about it. Nevertheless, there is the possibility that it aided her in the business world by having what might be called live intuition, whereby she intuitively knew who she could trust and what the best answer to a problem might be. But her experiences made her wonder why and what, which led her to study cosmology and the spiritual beliefs of ancient races as well as to try to improve life today by giving advice about the right things for the environment and our fellow men. Her very full website: tells us about her thoughts, beliefs and experiences.

  • Paranormal is Normal – The many different Forms of Healing. Are they all the same?

    Apart from conventional medicine, there are countless different types of healing, but they all use the same fundamental principle, which has many different names, and all are regarded as the only way to do healing. Phil Young, my guest, has practiced hypnotherapy, Eastern traditional healing, distance healing, Hawaiian healing, and trance body healing. He says that they all rely on trance phenomena, an altered or shifting state of consciousness. Reaching a state of trance is profoundly important which is fundamentally linked to the unconscious brain and is the source of the healing. A carrier known as, life force or life energy, mother, Ki or Qi, is the healing information carrier. This carrier he says is the basis of telepathy so all these things are linked to the information carrier of life itself which carries out the healing. His websites
    are and from which his books are available.

  • Paranormal is Normal – The Science, and understanding, of Twin Telepathy

    Telepathy between identical twins is known all over the world, but in London, scientifically conducted tests have shown that it is a fact of life. My guest Guy Lyon Playfair has been involved in collecting data and has published a book ‘Twin Telepathy’. He has shown that half of identical twins are telepathic, which is twice as likely as non identical twins. His work has been reported on ABC News, who ran a series – Twin Tuition. Click:

    He says the professional debunkers will have to give up as more and more tests show that there really is telepathy between twins and that it’s not only just ideas and feelings that are shared, it is sometimes pain, or even blisters from a burn, or a black eye. Guy gives his theory as to why twins are more telepathic than most people, but of course anybody can be telepathic – it really is quite normal. To see what it’s like being a twin, click:

    And to have an introduction to, the science of torsion fields and particle spin, the carrier of telepathy, see: which is “Experimental investigation of new long range actions” a Russian paper some of which is not acceptable to western science.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Can Trance and Telepathy explain ALL ?

    About 72 strange beliefs and psychic abilities are considered paranormal and listed as concepts of parapsychology: Some are different names for the same thing, but most are genuinely different things that happen to people from time to time. The complication is endless; but the whole thing can be rationalised if you start off with the two concepts of trance and telepathy. An understanding, of HOW and WHY these two things are normal facts of life, allows a very different view of the concepts of parapsychology, in fact, the 72 concepts reduces to 2. Even then there are many more than 72. Picking a few at random includes speaking in tongues, aspects of astrology and a new view of microbiology. The study of cellular growth, in fact the whole of life, has eluded science; but the science of telepathy tells a new and exciting story. A good start at the study of parapsychology is at: or for more on my own thoughts see:

  • Paranormal is Normal – Exploring the power of Healing and Reiki

    The human ability of healing has been discovered thousands of times when the need is there, but the modern system of Reiki allows a person to heal both body and mind. My guest, Arram Kong, originally from Singapore has lived in London most of his life. His website is: In Reiki the practitioner does not carry out direct healing but facilitates his subject to heal himself whatever the problem may be. An initial discussion identifies the problem and encourages an understanding and bond which is a vital part of the process. Then the practitioner multiplies that bond by gentle massage of the body on the acupuncture points and meridians in the area that needs treatment. This acupressure, which is a traditional Chinese treatment, brings balance and harmony into the energy of everyday life and encourages natural healing. Arram talks about the Emotional Freedom Technique by which emotional imbalance may be corrected using fingertip tapping on selected points offering treatment for recent upsets, longstanding problems, (phobias, compulsions and obsessions, negative self beliefs etc.) Not only is massage used, to unite the mind of the healer and healee, but there is some psychic interaction which is difficult to be precise or scientific about. But the fact is that most of us have a great deal to learn from Arram Kong about Healing or Reiki and how giving or receiving it is a perfectly normal human ability.

  • Paranormal is Normal – It seems that UFO’s are everywhere – but what are they really?

    There is an enormous amount of evidence for UFO’s – but what does it all mean? Consistent reports, hundreds of books, photos and videos, show that it cannot all be make believe, although fakes and make believe must form a part. This week’s guest is Lional Beer who is the Honorary President and founder of BUFORA, the British UFO Research Association, which has been active for 49 years, so is one of the earliest UFO organisations. He is a major bookseller in this field and has carried out many investigations personally, so is just as interested and confused as anyone else. The Bufora website is and another worth looking at is

    My own web site: says little or nothing about the subject, but much about the normal experiences of trance and telepathy; both of which are very relevant to experiences of UFOs. Even if you think there is more to it than trance and telepathy don’t miss this show. They don’t come with more experience of UFO’s than Lionel Beer.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Spiritualism is Normal. But let’s look at the detail.

    My guest, Stephen Upton, is a Minister and Director of the largest spiritualist movement in the world; the Spiritualist National Union. He lists the many forms of spirit phenomena, one of which gives evidence for survival of lost relatives. This is what we generally recognise as the main point of Spiritualism; the identification of proof for survival. While most of the paranormal phenomena discussed by our guest are not necessarily spiritual, and are identical to the evidence given in other areas such as healing, ESP or telepathy, I do believe that these phenomena have been shown to be normal. However, the evidence for survival at a sitting has to include three basic things, which I have always felt could be normal mind-to-mind – sitter to medium – without having to contact a spirit world which would be paranormal. See my website: I have always had a question in my mind regarding physical medium ship – is it all fake, or am I being unfair?

  • Paranormal is Normal – Clairvoyance is considered impossible but, for a few, it is normal

    My guest is one of the few people who receive messages from other people’s minds. (CLAIRVOYANCE, The alleged power of seeing things other than by the senses) This is strange, sometimes very disturbing, sometimes funny, but something that just has to be accepted by the person concerned. Most people would not believe the story if it were told, therefore the details cannot be made public or the person would be considered either crazy, or a witch. Therefore my guest, who has had this happen hundreds of times, has had to keep it to herself, only confiding in a few friends or family who might understand. Fortunately family members may well have similar experiences occasionally so are sympathetic and understanding. The whole thing is shrouded in mystery and disbelief. See: where it says “it is very different from telepathy” but this is quite incorrect, as telepathy or mind-to-mind will always explain a clairvoyant event, which is borne out by examining the cases. Listen to Lucy tell her story.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Why do Folks hear music when someone is Dying ? Near Death Experience and music.

    A study of NDE’s has shown that music is often experienced by the dying person: but also by people nearby. I used the word experience because some do not hear it and others do not agree as to what they heard. The question of an explanation is discussed with my guest Melvyn Willin who has recently published details of a full investigation into the subject. He says that the music heard by the dying person is described in many ways as: sublimely beautiful, transcendental, mystical tones, harmonic perfection or music that transcends all thought. Often, after the resuscitation the music changed the life the individual as he sought to reproduce it, sometimes by composing music inspired by the memory.

    As well as music being felt by the sick person, music is sometimes heard by other people present. Some hear, some do not, so it is not audible music, but the music is felt and from an external source. It seems that the music is transferred as emotion from mind to mind in the same way that information flows by telepathy. What does all this mean? How may these paranormal experiences be interpreted? Log on to Melvyn Willin or his website or hear him talking now about his discoveries and paranormal death music.

  • Paranormal is Normal – A million People Hypnotized from CD’s

    Glenn has produced tapes and CDs which do the job of a top hypnotist but in the comfort of your home. He has sold 1.3 million cures for phobias and all the normal hypnotist’s cures. As a successful 1:1 hypnotist he has treated over 1000 patients which gave him the experience to produce the CDs. His website is which lists his products. Clearly hypnosis is perfectly easy, safe and normal but it used to be unreliable and frowned upon mainly because there was no understanding of how and why it works. A logical and straightforward description of trance is given which reveals the true cause of hypnosis and all trance states: one of which is mental illness. My theory of trance, detailed in the book Sublimity, is also available on my website which demystifies both trance and telepathy.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Yes: but all too often it’s faked

    While we know that the medium often fakes paranormal events in films and television, we don’t realize to what extent the whole of the paranormal is phoney. From spiritualism to UFO’s or from parapsychology research to stage hypnosis the evidence is the same: you cannot believe what you see, hear or read. Despite all the fakery spiritual mediums do produce ‘real evidence’, people sometimes ‘see’ a UFO, parapsychology research has made many great discoveries and some people at stage shows become deeply hypnotised. So the real paranormal evidence is normal. This week we discover why there is so much fakery, with many examples of the way money is the cause, and how people falsify the evidence to make a point, whether it be the evidence for survival or the evidence of parapsychology. Some people you can trust but some you just cannot.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Origin of Dreams and trance

    We all know dreams are normal but as they are not understood, they are considered paranormal. Our guest’s book ‘Origin of Dreams’ explains how and why; so now dreaming is understandable. Dreams do not predict the future, nor are they just mental ramblings, but are there for a good psychological reason, that is, to solve the emotional problems of the day by thinking them over in a dream. During this process we think about the circumstances of the problem, rather than the actual situation and people involved, comparing it with our unconscious instinctive knowledge. In this way instinctive information is put into consciousness relative to daytime situations. Our guest is a therapist dealing with all mental problems and he found that applying his understanding of dreaming to psychological problems enabled successful treatment by the use of hypnosis and allied techniques. See the Human Givans website The understanding of the dream mechanism, and trance, led to an understanding of hypnosis, both what we understand as hypnotism by a hypnotist, but also the form of self hypnosis that leads to depression and other similar human problems. My own interest in this has led to a description of what trance really is, and why it evolved. Trance is the name we give to the way we we inhibit conscious thinking about instinctive actions; which evolved as a necessity 35,000 years ago when we began to think consciously. Unfortunately this has led to us going into trance about non-instinctive topics which includes mental illness and various psychic states. More on this in my website

  • Paranormal is Normal – I Believe in Ghosts

    For all time people have reported seeing ghosts. But how could there possibly be an explanation for such a stupid idea? Our guest this week is a very experienced ghost hunter. She clearly has he gift to be able to ‘see’ things that many others do not see, or ‘hear’ ghostly sounds that others may not hear. It’s all a matter of sensibility, being in the right place, in the right frame of mind. Some have the gift – some do not. My guest – Natalie Osborne Thomason – has written books on her experience of over 100 ghostly sightings, of one sort or another. Her theory, as to how ghostly messages are received from buildings or roads, is compared with the known science of ghosts and telepathy. It seems that the carrier of telepathy is stored, like a tape recording, in buildings or roads, which is then released sometime later to be picked up by a sensitive person. This rational explanation, for ghostly visions or sounds, turns a paranormal stupidity into something which is quite normal for our guest. Natalie says she is never frightened of ghosts because to her, they are normal. To others the experience can be utterly frightening.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Hypnosis really works

    Do we understand much about hypnosis? A talk with a hypnotist with comments as to how and why it works, shows that it uses a perfectly normal part of everyday life. It’s just that a hypnotist is generally able to put us into a relaxed and sleepy state, that is, the dream state but without being asleep. It’s our state of mind, just as we fall asleep, and it’s perfectly normal. The reality of life disappears and we simulate an imaginary life which we call dreaming. It’s the state of mind we call trance, which we slip into during the day, without even noticing while we are emotional, cry or laugh. My holistic view of the paranormal offers the answer – why we go into trance and why we can be hypnotised. If you want to find out more about hypnosis click but it says nothing about trance or the way it evolved. My book Sublimity identifies what trance is and how we can understand hypnosis as a trance state.

  • Paranormal is Normal – Animal Telepathy

    Dogs often know when their owners are coming home and this week my guest Rupert Sheldrake gives us inside information on his scientific tests.. Is this a sixth sense or just telepathy I ask? Perhaps it is stretching the limits of telepathy as we know it but I offer an explanation. Rupert talks about the psychic ability of parrots, cats and horses, as well as dogs, offering much detailed information which is quite fascinating and very revealing. See his website and a wonderful example of telepathy by the Nolan Sisters. As well as his interest in human and animal telepathy we discuss his book ‘The New Science of Life’, which shows the way that life forms and how we are born with a full complement of instinctive knowledge and behaviour. The science of DNA is only part of the story. Somewhere there is a memory of what a human brain and mind has to be like, and this memory bank is used to form us all. He makes a distinction between telepathy and the memory bank which creates the blueprint for life and instinct. My own theory is that the mechanism of telepathy is the same as Rupert’s morphic fields and memory bank, where the memory bank is the body and minds of the rest of the species, using a carrier which is not generally accepted by science, but which carries the information from cells in one individual to direct the proper formation of cells in any other individual. This possibility answers the dilemma of biologists searching for the way that cells divide to form limbs, body, or brain complete with a library of instinctive information. And that mechanism, for transferring the information of instinct is that which gives telepathy. See my website which gives my latest thoughts since publishing my book Sublimity.