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Host: Gaye O’Brien

On Passionate About Possibilities, you’ll hear insider stories of struggle on the path to success – and real world tips to implement in your business or career and in your life today! Community leaders who have made significant contributions to enhance the health, wealth, success and social cohesion of the global community share their drive, enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge, commitment and unique talents and skills.

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Passionate About Possibilities – Ignite The Heart And Be Purposeful

Download Episode Heidi Cohen, author, holistic practitioner of yoga, color and sound meditation, vibrational therapies, transformational coach, seminar facilitator and events co-ordinator for retreats discusses how to catalyze the heart away from the mind’s suffering to joyful living.’

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Passionate About Possibilities with Gaye O’Brien

Gaye O’Brien, founder of New Life Solutions, is a catalyst for transformational change and a visionary entrepreneur. She shares her insights in an inspirational, educational and entertaining way with audiences and media around the globe.

She inspires her listeners to navigate a pathway toward their aspirations and true purpose and to show their magnificent selves to the world. She consults, speaks with audiences and delivers live and online events to ignite peak performance in relationships, wealth, career, business, education and health.

Gaye’s mission is to co-create meaningful experiences in a more enlightened world by motivating people to make their greatest contribution to the planet and to adopt a positive and open mindset towards everything they do. Her clients are empowered to align with their core values and to rise above their self-imposed beliefs and limitations.

Gaye is the best selling author of ”NLP Essentials for Teachers: The Art of Encouraging Excellence in Your Students” and a featured author in the best selling series, “Adventures in Manifesting: Healing From Within, that encourages readers to pursue their passions.
To contact Gaye for speaking engagements, one-on-one coaching, books, seminars and online programs, please go to her website here.

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