The Truth About Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy: Introducing Spiritual Mind Management

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Host: W. Dennis Parker

Understanding Hypnosis, Suggestion Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy and the Benefits of Utilizing Each for Personal Improvement

You will come to understand our natural trance abilities and processes that make permanent positive change finally attainable in a short amount of time. You will be amazed as you learn about our Spiritual Minds that direct the brain and then the brain directs the body. Learn the observable truths about our Mind – Brain – Body connections.

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The Truth About Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy: Introducing Spiritual Mind Management- Mindfulness or Being Fully Conscious – Living in the Moment – Being Present – The Enhanced Joys and Enrichment of Life and Living Aware and Alert

Download Episode Dennis discusses Mindfulness and Being Fully Conscious in ways that are new and different as he describes what it means to be conscious, experiencing our Intelligence in various compartments of the Spirits Mind.  We are far better equipped to handle the stresses and strains of this life than most of us know.  We […]

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The Truth About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Introducing Spiritual Mind Management with W. Dennis Parker

Dennis is a noted Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners since 1991. (CHT 191-219). He is also a Board Certified Examiner, Instructor, and Approved School Operator. He owns and operates “Certified Hypnotherapy Training School” in Farmington, Utah. CHTS trains students in hypnosis, self-hypnosis, Suggestion Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and unique, proprietary, “Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy” protocols.

CHTS is a Postsecondary Proprietary School of Hypnotherapy in the State of Utah, registered and bonded with the Department of Commerce. Dennis is the primary Instructor, and Director of CHTS where he teaches others what he has learned over the past 23 years of doing clinical hypnotherapy to be Certified Hypnotherapists and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. (A.C.H.E.) A.C.H.E Hypnotherapist Certificates are recognized and accepted throughout the United States, and in over 20 countries. Hypnotherapy is a non-licensed, certifying profession.

Dennis is a contract clinical hypnotherapist at the Advanced Health Clinic, in Farmington Utah, where he does individual and group sessions of clinical hypnotherapy and groups of “Spiritual Mind Management” trainings. CHTS is held at the clinic and broadcasts online nationwide, in live virtual classroom settings from his office and school room at the clinic. Dennis is a motivational/inspirational public speaker. He does seminars and workshops in group settings to assist more people and does individual sessions on SKYPE. These programs are life changing and really work!

Dennis’ 60th Birthday was a very reflective day! He wrote a new life’s Mission Statement, a part of which he shares here:
“I will accomplish more good, in the last 20 years of my life, than I have in the previous 60 years combined. I will be an influence for positive change with more people, and assist more people to better their lives and fulfill their desires, dreams, and goals, by teaching and coaching them in self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy, or in truth, pondering and mediation trance utilization skills. I will assist others to overcome self-limiting beliefs, eliminate self-defeating habits, and conquer maladaptive behaviors, and do so myself as well.
I will teach these personal problem solving skills that have changed and improved my life in numerous ways, to as many as have interest and want to learn them.”

So he started “Certified Hypnotherapy Training School” where Dennis has the opportunity to achieve such goals. He states, “I enjoy being part of the success of others. It is rewarding to be a positive influence, and create a ripple effect of good through the students, as they in turn assist their clients in positive personal improvements and goal achievements.”

“You will never understand what it is like to really free of painful memories from the past, having them lifted from you through these processes, until you experience it for yourself! The rewards are freedom, happiness, and peace, in place of the past negative emotions of anger, resentment, hate, and other feelings that hold us back from being who we really are.

He explains, “Over the years I have developed simplified protocols of hypnotherapy, to accomplish behavioral modifications and assist others in personal problem solving, that anyone with reasonable intelligence and life experience can learn how to be competent, confident, and effective, with their clients as a hypnotherapist. He explains, “I want to be a voice of reason in taking the mystery out of hypnosis, and hypnotherapy!” “I believe this information should be taught to everyone assisting them to understand our natural trance abilities and the benefits of knowing and utilizing our mind through what we are calling, “Spiritual Mind Management”.T

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