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Host: Greg Smith

Life is a constant challenge. Nothing worthwhile is easy. It takes “Inner Strength” to achieve victories in life. “Timeout with The Strength Coach” offers powerful, weekly lessons that will reside in your consciousness, inspiring you to discover, develop and deploy your “Inner Strength” and leading you to victories over your challenges. You’ll get:

• World renowned experts and thought leaders
• Personal “Inner Strength Stories”
• Insights from the Strength Coach, Greg Smith
“Inner Strength” is just as real as physical strength. Investing the time and effort to “work out with the weights of life’s challenges” — just like we work out our bodies in the gym — is a key to success!


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Timeout With the Strength Coach – Resilience

Download Episode Resilience is brilliance. Greg Smith checks in from the road after speeches to corporate and education audiences in Austin, Texas and Chicago Illinois  

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Timeout With The Strength Coach with Greg Smith

At age 50, Greg should not still be alive! He is “skin and bones” physically, weighing 65 pounds, soaking wet. He was born with muscular dystrophy and doctors expected him to perish before his 20s. He uses a power wheelchair and his torso is supported by three surgically implanted metal rods attached to his spine. In 2005, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and told to plan for just five more years.

Today, he is still flying around the country, enlightening people by teaching his area of expertise: “Inner Strength.” Throughout his life, Greg has had to work harder at everything to be successful. His insights will spark you and your group to seek out and build inner strength for individual and group success!

He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association. Over one million people saw his story profiled in the “Audience Award-Winning” PBS documentary film, On A Roll: Family, Disability and the American Dream. He is author of the best-selling memoir, On A Roll: Reflections from America’s Wheelchair Dude with the Winning Attitude, and the newly released, Shut Up! Silencing the Negative Voice Within.

Greg created and hosted the nationally syndicated radio talk show, On A Roll – Talk Radio on Life & Disability, a program he developed from one single radio station to over 70 over the span of 14 years on the air. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University in 1986.

“The Strength Coach,” is a thought-provoking, entertaining and funny motivational speaker with a genuine, must-hear message that will inspire any audience of any age in any setting. When he takes the stage in his power wheelchair, the moment he reveals his deep commanding voice, audiences are hooked. Greg delivers outstanding presentations for:

• Corporate Groups
• Professional Associations
• Colleges/Universities
• High Schools
• Government Agencies
• Sales Teams
• Disability Conferences/Events

For more details, please visit Greg’s main website.

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