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Success Sessions

Jae Nelson & Bill Nelson

Success Sessions – Success – What Does It Mean To You?

We all aspire to greatness in one form or another. We all pursue success to varying degrees. We all attempt to scale the lofty heights of personal accomplishment. Each and every day step-by-step, bit-by-bit, you attempt to do what needs to be done to achieve your desired outcomes.

You prevail through the trials and tribulations. You overcome the obstacles. You develop, exude and apply a level of focus, commitment and discipline to allow you to get to the top.

But what is the top? What is your Everest? How do you view, describe and define success?

In preparation for the first edition of Success In Action take a minute or two and ponder those questions. Take some further time to think through your answers and then listen in as Jae Nelson (The Pesky Kid) and Bill Nelson (The Success Architect) discuss the importance, the purpose, the process and the benefits in defining success on your own terms.