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Are you looking to increase awareness for your brand or business? Of course! Have you ever considered sponsoring a radio show? No? You should! Why? Keep reading…
WebTalkRadio.net offers a wide variety of program options to help you increase awareness for your business—and increased awareness means an increase in potential customers! With shows ranging from alternative healing to real estate and success, we’re positive that we can align your product message within the subject matter that fits it best.

Our listeners tend to be college-educated, computer users of all ages, listening from work or at home. Many of these listeners use iTunes to subscribe to programs to listen to episodes again and again—to listen to your product message again and again. In other words: The ideal target audience!

Sponsorship packages are designed to meet individual advertiser’s goals and objectives.
To learn more about how to drive sales for your business, contact: Mary Lou Davidson 941-379-1440 or email: MaryLou@WebTalkRadio.net.
What you should know about online listenership:

Seventeen percent (17%) of Americans age 12 and over listened to online radio in the past week, which equals an estimated 42 million people according to the latest in a series of studies conducted by Arbitron and Edison Research. The size of the weekly online radio audience has more than doubled since 2005, when the weekly online radio audience was estimated to be 20 million people.
 WebTalkRadio.net Advertiser Success Stories:

WebTalkRadio.net has done an amazing job for Green Supreme. We started in late 2007, and have seen our sales take a steady and positive up tick. The site delivers a targeted audience who is motivated to purchase our product. With Bill Henderson’s program, we know that our message is in the right environment reaching the right people. Overall our sales have increased by 30% since we started our sponsorship with WebTalkRadio and we have increased our reach to a truly global audience. Florence Biros President, Green Supreme.

Internet radio was truly a step into the unknown to me, but advertising over WebTalkRadio.net opened the doorway to a worldwide audience that was a very nice surprise. Publisher, Phaelos Books & Mediawerks

We’ve enjoyed our alliance with WebTalkRadio.net. Ecology.com’s traffic has doubled since we started our banner ad on the site. Linda Rankin, COO, ecology.com

WebTalkRadio is a valuable tool for marketing my products. Listeners on WebTalkRadio are informed consumers, so my banner has generated significant business. Advertising on WebTalkRadio has increased my visibility and sales. John Layfield, CEO Layfield Energy