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The John Layfield and Michael Cole Show

John Layfield and Michael Cole

The John Layfield Show – Handicapping the presidential race and Michael Vick

Host John Layfield starts off this episode with a bang, asking: “Is Michael Vick really being targeted by officials?”  Michael Vick sure seems to think so!  But what does John Layfield think?  (And what do you think??)  John also promises to give his opinion on every Republican candidate, delivering his predictions for the upcoming election.  And do you want the inside scoop on John’s meeting with Tony Blair at a private breakfast?  Of course you do!

Who can beat Obama?  Is Obama beatable?  And, if so, who can beat him?  John Layfield handicaps each of the Republican candidates:  Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and Chris Christie.  As John points out: So much of the upcoming election depends on the economy.  So who does he think has a good chance at winning–or at least not looking foolish!–in 2012?  You might be surprised by his answers!

“Clinton had a Republican Congress and he got a lot done.  Reagan had a Democrat Congress and he got a lot done,” says John Layfield, addressing a few of the public’s comments and concerns about the Presidential Congress.  Does Congress even matter?  What does matter?  Leadership.  But how…?

“There’s certain emotions about this Tea Party,” John Layfield says, addressing the vilifying of the Tea Party by the public and mainstream media.  But are they really even a factor…?  The Tea Party claims to be a revolution, but are they really?  Well, at least they’re talking about debt!–and John’s talking about them!

But what’s going on in the Middle-East?  And how will what’s going on over there affect what’s going on over here?  More than you’d think!  Relations, trade, oil-dependency, and gridlock are all terms that come up when talking about this provocative subject.

This episode is everything you’ve come to expect from The John Layfield Show–Politics and Sports talked about with passion, intelligence, and a little humor.  Tune in!