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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – THINK WE NEED SOME CHANGE? YOU WILL GET NO CHANGE–NADA–NOTHING, Regardless of Who Is In Power, Until, and Unless there is TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND LIABILITY On The Part of Government and Government Employees (OUR Employees).

And transparency is in short supply despite lots of lip service at the local, state and federal level. Our president flatly lies to us–“2% of the worlds oil reserves-contrary to his own Energy Department, Obama Care has no rationing mechanism (google IPAB), he is for the little man but kills jobs and spurs inflation/gas prices with EPA, Pipeline kill, refusal to redo tax law, no budget for three years, shut down of coal industry, Holder knew nothing of Fast and Furious, there is more oil production now then before, he will halve the deficit in three years” (statement of 2008)–and more. And if the head cheese is opaque, hides, lies, or materially distorts, do you really think the rest of the government crew will do differently? Nope.

And that is where Dave Rehr and Transparagov come in (www.transparagov.com). Dave is the former President of the National Broadcasting Association, a long time Lobbyist, and a DC insider. His firm’s new puter system , when installed in governemnt computer systems will tell us in one nanosecond that “Joe” purchased a 16 dollar muffin, at the order of “Sue” for Department “X”. Now that is the way to dry up waste, and boondoggle. Join Reid and Dave, a frequent contributor to Fox News, and CNN, for a frank discussion of this BIG fix, and what you can do to make sure these systems are integrated into all levels of government.