Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Radar in Sports: Tremendously Useful but Much Underused

As your show host, I regularly beat this drum: to be excellent in sports you need these five core components working for you hand-in-hand: Information, Motivation, Skills, Fitness and Equipment/Tools. This show zeroes in on one of the more powerful tools: RADAR. Guest Steve Goody*, founder and co-creator of Pocket Radar shares examples and stories about how radar has helped individuals and teams develop, improve and become champions. Steve also gives insights to how radar, as a device for measuring speed, provides many advantages in sports. These are: creating feel, improving control, greater consistency and added safety and health. Tune in to a) reinforce what you know about radar, and, b) learn how to take full advantage of this terrific measurement and assessment tool in sports. You’ll also learn about the defining features that make the Pocket Radar a tool that helps produce champions *Steve is Chief Officer and co-founder of Pocket Radar Inc., and a co-founder of Invention Planet, LLC. Pocket Radar manufactures the world’s first pocket-sized sports radar gun for use by coaches, players, and fans. Steve has spent many years as a hardware system architect and designer. He has held senior positions with Caymas Systems, Cerent Corp., Cisco, Next Level Communications and Hewlett Packard.