Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Touch ‘em all! Mookie Wilson on the Finer Points of Base Running

Mookie’s back! Join New York Mets Hall of Famer, Mookie Wilson*, for this informative show on base running skills. Far too many games are won and lost because players are not fundamentally sound on the pads. With today’s bats performing like wood of old, less runs are scored. Thus, each run counts more and that requires upping base running IQ. Tune in to learn how to wisely work your way around the bases as Mookie teaches you how to touch them all. *Mookie played 10 years with the Mets, two with the BlueJays and was a Mets coach eight years. He is currently studying to be a minister and donates extensive hours to the growth and development of the Metropolitan Junior Baseball League.