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Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – NRA Show Vendors, Lincoln Derringer vs. Zombie Pizza

Derringer pistols figure prominently in this conclusion of the National Rifle Association’s 141st Annual Convention in St. Louis. Not only was Heizer’s new Double Tap .45 ACP-9mm double-barrel Derringer introduced, but a D. Pedersoli near-replica of the 1860s Lincoln Derringer is test fired.

Highlighted exhibitors from the show include Olympic Arms with their reintroduced Whitney pistol, E. Author Brown’s new 6.5mm single-shot rifle, a discussion of drillings from the German Gun Collectors Assoc., H&M’s metal finishing, Cor-Bon/Glaser’s safety slug, Schuetzen (Swiss) black powder and Liberty gun safes. The NRA Eddie Eagle (gun safety for kids) and Firearms for Freedom (what to do with your guns after you die) programs are also described.

Not directly gun related, but also at the show, was Safari Jewelry who makes elephant hair bracelets from gold and silver as well as from natural hairs gathered from the tails of park elephants. These hair jewelry items were historically made in Africa and owner Jeff James transferred this design into precious metals.

To see the products and written contact information go to the “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures Radio Show Blog.”

Davide Pedersoli makes a near replica of the Henry Deringer pistol that John Wilkes Booth used to assinate President Abraham Lincoln. I arranged to obtain one of the guns from Hunter Kirkland at Dixie Gun Works for field testing. This gun was test fired against a Zombie Pizza Delivery Man target, made by Birchwood Casey. Accuracy and chronograph testing provided some useful information about historic and modern uses of this class of self-defense guns. A 15-min. video, “Derringer vs. Pizza Zombie,” is available on YouTube at the wmhoveysmith Channel.

Ads on the show include the One-Stop Zombie Shop for all of your zombie needs and the Four Sugar Bread made with four varieties of sugars, four individual grains of wheat, barley, oats and rye in each loaf and sold with flavor packets of Black Strap Molasses or Cane Syrup to supply a minimum of two tablespoons of sugar per slice.

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“Derringer vs. Pizza Zombie”