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Rosanna Pittella Ph.D.

Voice of American Education – The pros, cons, challenges, and potential impacts of online and distance learning: Can a power tool for learning become an avenue for world peace

We are all searching for tools and techniques to improve the quality and accessibility of an excellent, quality education for American students of all ages that will scaffold them to their own American Dream and uplift our country in the process.

This week, Dr. Anthony Romano of Caldwell College joins us to share his research and experience with regard to the current application of online and distance learning and the enormous potential of future utilization in classroom K-16 and beyond. Host Dr. Rosanna Pittella, author of How Deconstructing The American Education System Will Reconstruct The American Dream, identifies points that have been brought up by critics of this new technology and its limitations. The discussion includes many future ways in which online and distance learning could be used, if applied creatively enough, not only to close gaps in learning between rich and poor, but to break down barriers of distance and language between people of all ages all over the world.
This week’s spotlight is the voice of author and expert music instructor, Joy Huff, who brings with her an amazing teaching tool, a book for teachers, called “Sounds of Color.” This amazing short manual shows teachers how to teach children about music and pitch through associations with colors that are already familiar. More information can be found about this book on by searching by the author’s or book’s name.
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