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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – 050712

Obama chooses “Forward” as his campaign slogan. Just like Mao, Lenin, and Stalin–and wikkipedia removes the links to those tie-ins within a day of Comrade Obama’s announcement. To celebrate, our leader makes 160 plus campaign trips–all on our dime at 300k per hour. That’s is more than the Four presidents who preceded him, combined. The rebirth of Occupy Wall Street? Training of the OTW mob by Van Jones (formerly in the White house), and tweets of support from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Touted “savings” in government expenditures revealed for the paltry, infinitesimal lip service they are in real household terms. You will be disgusted. Divide, divert, and distract is the watchword of this government. Anything to focus attention away from Europe, unemployment (the real figures), exponentially spiraling debt, uncontrolled expenditure (all interconnected) and the breach of every single–no exception–major campaign promise made by Obama in 2008. The folks that pull the strings don’t want these problems solved–it is the why of this refusal to implement solutions that really raises eyebrows.

Plus some fun, and funny history behind common colloquialisms– from “piss poor” to “raining cats and dogs”, these are a riot. And, a call-out by Reid to send him your opinion of the show–don’t be bashful! And, finally a great big thanks to the readers of Maps of Fate for catapulting the book into #1 best seller status within hours of it’s April 17 release!