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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – Grilling Basics

Mary leads us off with a great website to help us find what is in season in your area of the country. Mary lists 3 more great sites to help discover further information.
We then dive into people grilling year round. Certainly the gas grill has done so much to make it easier to grill, but the purists will accurately say that the charcoal briquettes still provide better flavor, and they are right.
Tommy identifies that air flow is the key to managing your temperature. We see so many people simply over cooking there dishes because we don’t manage our heat properly. We strongly recommend that people use a temperature thermometer to know when our product is cooked properly. The second point is to respect the first contact. The means that the integrity of the initial contact is critical. Don’t keep flipping in pressing. Our next point is that we can all experiment more than we are. We can cook whole chickens. We can cook fish, grill fruit and play around with fish. We are only limited by our imaginations. Yes, red meats are wonderful, but there is a world of food that can go on our grills. Tommy then talks about how much he loves grilling Alaskan King Crab legs which are awesome.
Our product this week is from our friends at The Grate Chef who have several products that are tremendous to make our grilling easier and more fun. Check them out!


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