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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Executive Orders, Ads For Relocation Camp Guards, A DHS Whistle Blower, Europe and Iran–It All Adds Up

National Guard Ads For Internment Camp Guards, Rumors of Construction, Actual Government Doc–FM 3-39.40. This chilling document,states, among other things, the camps will have military PSYOP teams, to implement “indoctrination programs to reduce or remove antagonistic attitudes”…and target “political activists” and “DC’s” (displaced civilians) and provide them with” understanding of U.S. policies and actions…”.

Couple that with Obama’s actual Executive Orders of the last 6 months, and last 60 days–now mix in a DHS undercover Whistle Blower reported in Canada Free Press–a VERY disturbing pattern and picture. Join Reid for a discussion wrapping up 4 months of his research that blows the lid off all these connected parts of what appears to be an emerging structure–excerpts of the actual government documents and references so you can go to the gov web site, find ‘em, and read them for yourself–their words! The alarming disclosures of the whistle blower, code named “Rosebud” (like Deep Throat back in the Nixon days) to the press, how Europe, Iran, and contrived crisis are related, Drones in the air above the U.S.starting two weeks ago–just like Afghanistan–control, based on a simple written statement by Secretary of Homeland security–no oversight whatsoever–of a POTENTIAL threat, in peacetime, no less–of water, food, transportation, private industry, finance, natural gas, and health care. And, oh yes–if you have skills they can “draft you” for the “common good” and you get to work for the government for FREE. Nope–not a Hollywood script. This is real, live, and true–happening right now–and as usual, not a peep in the mainstream press. Get informed–decide for yourself.