Spirituality and Philosophy

A Fresh Start

Sallie Felton

A Fresh Start – SIMPLE TRUTHS AND LIFE LESSONS learned from Tree Spirited Woman

Hear the inside scoop from the author herself (her book made it into the gift bags at the Oscars!)

Are you struggling in your life, are you trying to “find” yourself or is your power been taken away from you; then join me, Sallie Felton, as I interview this extraordinary woman.

Colleen Baldrica began her spiritual journey as a child. Inspired by the teachings of her Native American grandmother, she carries that wisdom into her new quest – to share with others what experience has taught her about the simple truths in life.

Here is just one of the reviews: “Your story, insights, and delicate message about life, love and liberation, invited me to ponder the essence of my spirit world, and the powerful connection I have with family, friends and mother earth. I relished your linguistic work of art.”
Bernie Saunders — Motivational Speaker