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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Control of Natural Gas, Give Up Control Of The Sea, An increasingly desperate Obama (Dangerous!) Pushes his Agenda as His Polls Sink

Executive Order controlling natural gas and fracking…Executive Order being written to give away sea control, including territorial waters–backed since inception by Soros and Leon Panetta (1992)–that is right–Our Defense Secretary (say what???). Courageous Federal Judge Forrest strikes down section 1021 of the National Defense Act–indefinite detainer without cause or legal representation…and Rep. Sandy Adams of Fla. cobbles together 37 congressional reps–and growing–to take on Obama. Greece elections not a turning point, merely an accelerator or delay of the inevitable–just like Spain. And Obama wants German and American money to prop it all up–for the election. The lies grow with the plunge in the polls–65,000 green jobs? Nope–try 3500 at 11 million bucks each, 4.3 million new jobs? Nope–negative 55,000 if he counts his first 17 months in office (note how they preface all with “in the last 27 months”?–he has been president for 43 months–guess we are too stupid to add, too). Let’s spend more! Right–If printing money were the answer, the Soviet Union would be thriving, and Greece would be a superpower. Land for Love and Money releasing June 26–exposes government use of your money never before in a book–you will cringe–but you need to know.