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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Seven Stages of Sex: Reaching A Sexual Peak Of Pleasure and Intimacy

Reach a passionate peak in a sexual relationship and stop sabotaging your sex life in a sexual valley with tips from Dr. Michael Broder and host Hadley Finch, dating site where great singles find great love in the world’s first guided love quest.

Why does sexual chemistry fizzle in long term relationships? How do you make sex sizzle for decades and reach the ultimate peak of sexual pleasure? How do searching singles and committed couples benefit from examining your attitudes toward sex?

Everyone becomes an even greater lover once you discover 7 stages of sex and learn how to enjoy and take your sexual relationship through each stage to reach your sexual peak.
Charge your sexual batteries and get on the path toward sexual ecstasy using secrets and sexercises you get as America’s Love Guide and Host, Hadley Finch, chats with Michael Broder, Ph.D. He is a renowned psychologist and best-selling author of books and audios to enhance intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

During this provocative conversation FOR ADULTS ONLY, you discover:

* What the 7 stages of sex are and how to identify the stage you’re in
* Tips about what to discuss with your partner to help you move up to Stage 7
* Exercises designed to bring you to the peak of passion
* How to increase your level of intimacy as you maximize sexual pleasure
* How one 1 in 5 married couples, who no longer have sex, can rekindle sexual passion
* How searching singles find love with a partner who will keep sexual fires burning

Don’t settle for a dull, dormant sex life. Don’t let your soulmate become your roommate in a long-term relationship. Don’t get stuck in the Friend Zone, when you’re dating to find love. America’s Love Guide, Hadley Finch and Dr. Michael Broder are about to reveal the sexy attitudes and action plans you need to get the red-hot sex life you deserve.

Get the red-hot love life you deserve,