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The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – Up in the Heir

Many people fear spending principal in retirement. One reason is the fear of out living their money. Another is there will be little or nothing left for their heirs. Yet, there are ways to spend principal to maintain your lifestyle in a prudent manner. Whether you leave money for your heirs is more of a personal decision. Many people feel they need to take care of themselves first and what’s left is what’s left. Tony Walker , a financial adviser, explains ways and reasons to prudently use your principal to supplement your income. When you use principal as part of your income stream it eases the burden of not being able to save enough. You may also have your heirs as a current expense. Over 30% of recent college graduates have moved back home. Fifty-seven percent of parents state they are providing some sort of financial assistance to their adult children. Dick Wright offers techniques to help your kids become more competitive in the job market by teaching them enhanced relationship skills. The kind that aren’t taught in school. Maybe if you can help your kids help themselves then they won’t be quite as dependent on an inheritance, allowing you to spend some of the principal without regret.