Spirituality and Philosophy

Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey for Truth – Tami offers two NEW spirit guide sessions with Lia and Tiffany

Lia and Tiffany, with Tami’s assistance, communicated with their spirit guides on Journey For Truth. It’s not always comfortable to hear what your guides have to say, but then the truth is not always comfortable. But, most importantly, it is what you do with the information that makes the information most valuable. Tami is a medium who can tell you what your guides want you to know. Tami does not change, adapt, or alter the information. Tami does not become emotionally involved in the outcome of the information. Lia’s and Tiffany’s guides shared with them what they need to hear in order to most effectively more forward in life. Listen to what was said! Join Tami on Facebook by joining her Empowerment Through Healing Facebook page! Learn more about Tami at her Empowerment Through Healing website.