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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – “Transparency”, “5 Million New Jobs”, “Halve the Federal Deficit”, “Unite America”, “5.7% Unemployment by 2012″. “No Middle Class Taxes”. Just Some of Obama’s 2008/2009 Promises–Now The Results–And The Why

Then, the current double down of feigned concern about the deficit, debt, middle class, and jobs are his buzz words–but his actions are executive privilege, stonewalling congress, no budgets, more than 900 secretive executive Orders in 40 months, the largest tax increase in modern history looming, killing the Keystone Pipeline–while he distracts and distorts “outsourcing”, ramps up government spending yet again–mostly on entitlements–using our tax dollars to aggressively market historic tens of billions in increases in the government dole. Does it seem that he is taking every opportunity to spend and waste our money? And all from a brilliant man, who knows the real facts and figures, who is as aware of the differing economic results under Bush, Reagan, Clinton vs. himself and Jimmy Carter–who has Europe as an ominous warning of things to come if the path continues. And coming up in late July–a UN Arms treaty aimed specifically at the US and Israel, the drafting committee now including Iran–but it must be ratified by the Senate. On one hand he indicates he knows uncertainty bred of policy , lack of clarity, and short term band aids cripple the economy and jobs–on the other he proposes partial extension of tax breaks in place before his time for only a year. All actions, or lack of actions involve choice–a conscious decision with an end motive. What is Obama’s?

And how is Mitt Romney countering the tidal wave of hypocrisy, division, lies, blame, distraction, non-transparent dealings in all respects, on all levels? NOT very well–maybe we can help. Time for all of us to start contacting folks–and the below will help you do so–contact info for Romney, all senators, and all congressman–STAND UP!