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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – A Brief Walk on the Wild Side

Dr. Rossi’s guest this week is Dan Maloney, Deputy Director of Conservation and Education at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Dan brings his 30 years of experience working in zoos around the world to bear (pun intended) as he answers questions about the role of the modern zoo. No longer solely housing animals for entertainment purposes, the modern zoo is heavily involved in both conservation and education. He discussed a variety of programs, including the marine mammal response team, the reptile conservation program, and the citizen’s science movement. He was excited about the “Snakes Alive” program, in which employees and visitors alike help study the movements of native snakes found on the zoo property. Also stressed was how the zoo’s education programs helped people to understand and appreciate their role in conserving animals and plants in the environment. Dan was also the Director of the Audubon Zoo during Hurricane Katrina, and rode out the hurricane at the zoo. This experience gave him a unique insight into helping animals survive a disaster. He gives valuable tips for a pet owner preparing to face a natural disaster.
Dr. Rossi also discussed 7 tips to stop pets from escaping, and gave a heartfelt presentation on why veterinary prices are dramatically increasing. He points out that one of the reasons that is that veterinarians are striving to maintain a high quality of care in the face of rising costs.