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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Do Desperate People Do Desperate Things? Think Governments Are Any Different?

Take the fiscal woes of the United States, mix in the insatiable need politicians have to spend more and more money in lock step with their attempt to raise additional revenues through all manners and types of tax and fees, combine the wreck in Europe (the model of the future of the United States unless spending is abated and debt brought under control) and then finally inject the growing entitlement (feed at the government trough) mentality, and you have a recipe for a desperate government starved for cash. Know where there is TRILLIONS? Yep–YOUR 401k and IRA. Think this is a joke? The wheels are turning–facts, dates, investigatory committees, and pending legislation. And, listen to Reid’s thoughts on the new show segment, “What Mitt Ought To Be Sayin”. This week a bit of advice for Mitt on a simple solution to our tax code–which would raise revenues, and reduce 80,000 pages of favoritism to several hundred pages of fairness. (Did you hear that Mr President? Fair! So how come you have not proposed it?)Some thoughts for Mitt on the prefect responses to release of his tax returns, and the nonsensical claims of his job noutsourcing, too.