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Beyond Social

Jason Seiden

Beyond Social – A 65 Year Old’s Perspective on What Social Media Means for Society

Every one of us, when we’re done trying to figure out social media business during the day, goes home and, if we’re lucky, try to figure out social media for friends and family. I’m no different. My dad doesn’t approve of my use of my kids on my blog, frequently can’t understand what I’m talking about, and often shows up on my blog or my Twitter feed to let me know as much. At the same time, he’s optimistic, open minded, and a real driver of change both at home and where he works. So how does social media impact a guy like that? What does he think of a technology that shifts change into warp speed? Where does he think we should put the line between technology and humanity? This week on Beyond Social, you’ll hear from my father, Glenn Seiden, about all this and more. You’re in for a treat…