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Beyond Social

Jason Seiden

Beyond Social – How a Mom from Wisconsin Is Using Social Media to Improve YOUR Daughter’s Life

When Melissa Wardy went to buy her young daughter a t-shirt of a girl flying a plane, she couldn’t find one. What she found instead were girl clothing choices that ranged from stereotypical pink to hyper-sexualized pink… and nothing but a sea of pink in between. Fed up with a world in which women suffer from body image issues, and recognizing that the problem began with how we condition pre-literate and even pre-verbal girls to self-identify as females, Melissa got informed and got involved. She built Pigtail Pals—a t-shirt company that supports positive body images for girls—and developed a community on Facebook to give moms and dads a place to go to discuss related issues. She is now bringing her message to an audience that extends into the millions… and changing the way we raise our children. This week on Beyond Social, I talk with Melissa about her mission, how she’s getting the world out, and the impact she’s having.