Football Ranters

The Danchise & The Football Ranter

Football Ranters – “2012 NFL Division Previews: NFC & AFC South”

The Football Ranters continue their Hollywood-themed season previews this week, prognosticating on the prospects of the eight teams making up the AFC and NFC South Divisions. Will the Saints rebound from scandal to regain their glory, or will the Falcons take the division crown? In the AFC, will the Texans continue to build on their success from a year ago? Will Andrew Luck make Colts fans forget that Peyton guy? What about the Panthers, Buccaneers, Jaguars and Titans? And — most importantly — what movies will Ranter and The Danchise compare each of these teams to? Because, really, that’s the kind of inanity you’re actually here for. So, tune in to find out whether your favorite team is Rocky…or Rocky V.

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