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Bryn Johnson

Business Café – Pull the Curtain Back and Talk “Personal Brand” with guest Lisa Steadman

How is your personal brand translating in all your relationships? Life, Love and Business…
Join me in the café as Lisa Steadman, CEO of WooHoo, Inc. and I share a lively discussion on the personal branding lessons of Barbie, the Muppets, breakups, the escape from corporate America and surrender (and we are just getting started!). This internationally acclaimed best-selling author, sought after speaker, breakup expert and branding consultant shares her own version of buzz worthy brand with us… and pulls back the curtain on her own life and business. Don’t you just love when you get to look inside what is REALLY happening in someone’s world- not the facade they want you to see!?
Plus you’ll get a few personal insights if her instant bestseller, It’s a Breakup, Not a Breakdown is a topic that interests you! Trust me! There are many business lessons to learn from this exploration!