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The Global Child

Dr. David Kenneth Waldman

The Global Child – Female Friendly Workplaces

Are you a working female parent who has experienced difficulty in finding suitable child care? Is the cost of care prohibitive? As a parent is the idea of being separated from your small children emotionally challenging? Well, Starting in the 1980’s there was a growing debate to allow employees to balance their personal family life with the growing demands of the workplace. Perhaps you are aware of these now common terms “family-friendly,” “work-life,” “work-family,” and “career flexibility” being discussed where you teach or the organization where you work?

Our guest Dr. Heather Wyatt-Nichol Program Director and Assistant Professor at the University of Baltimore, College of Public Affairs, School of Public and International Affairs is an expert on this topic has conducted research and written on balancing work and family. She has studied the importance of female-family polices for working mothers. As a scholar she has published on topics such as
Balancing work and family in higher education, Blue-collar mother/White-collar daughter: A perspective on United States Policies toward working mothers, as well as have contributed to the Encyclopedia of Motherhood on Daycare.