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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – Stop That Pet!

Dr. Rossi’s guest this week is Victoria Vesce, a regional sales and training representative for Pet Stop, an underground fencing system.
Victoria discussed the numerous benefits the Pet Stop system and training program offers the average pet owner. Not only is it effective for preventing escapes, but it allows the dog to have more freedom while on the property.

She dispelled the common misconceptions about these “fences,” firstly, that the dog does NOT receive a painful shock, and secondly, the dog does NOT get electrocuted if it goes swimming. The system may also be used to keep dogs out of pools, gardens, and other dangerous areas. In addition, Victoria mentioned how lawsuits could be prevented by using this system. The training program is relatively short, and the system easy to install, as well as reasonably priced. If you’ve ever had a dog or pet escape, you’ll want to listen in to learn more about to keep your pet safe at home.

Dr. Rossi also discussed a surprising benefit to exposing young children to dogs, cats, and mice. Another topic of shared is lick granulomas, and Dr. Rossi gave an important tip for treating this common problem. Lastly, he told a story of “Chickita,” a bunny in heart failure and how she was treated.

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