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Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Larry Weishuhn Hunts Africa and Asia

While most of us are just getting ready for deer season or perhaps doing some archery hunting, Larry Weishuhn has already made trips to Africa and Central Asia.

On these hunts Weishuhn took eland, kudu, zebra, blue wildebeest, warthog and other animals in Namibia; but was not successful in Kyrgyzstan where he hunted ibex and Siberian roe deer near the Chinese border. While he has made a number of trips to Africa, this was his first time hunting in any of the former Soviet Republics. The booking agent had never seen the area they hunted, and one of the guides actually shot an animal while one of the paying hunters was lining up for his shot.

Nonetheless, both trips yielded some memorable moments, including dining on sheep’s eye balls in an effort to sharpen the hunters’ vision. Photographs of Weishuhn with his kudu and of him standing on a pinnacle in Central Asia are shown on the “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventure Radio Show Blog.

Weishuhn was using the new Ruger American rifle in .30’06. This gun was introduced at the Las Vegas Shot Show earlier this year. It features a polymer stock, a steel bedding block molded into the stock, user-adjustable trigger and a 70 degree bolt lift. As he was using 165 gr. solid copper Horniday bullets in the gun, the recoil as manageable. Before he went to Africa he had taken moose and elk with this load, indicating that it would also perform on Plains Game, which it did. Although, his PH, Corne Kruger of Omujeve Safaris, had reservations about using such a light bullet from a .30’06 on tough species like the blue wildebeest and 1,000 pound eland.

During the discussion Weishuhn and Hovey talked about my new book, X-Treme Muzzleloading: Fur, Fowl and Dangerous Game with Rifles, Smoothbores and Pistols. Weishuhn gave the book his enthusiastic endorsement and said that he was proud to add it to his library of over 1,000 books.

Other things that Weishuhn has going on was a soon to be released sculpture “Mr. Whitetail” which is a 1/3 scale bronze of a whitetail buck. This is now being cast and its production will be limited to 50 pieces. To see it go to . James is Weishuhn’s collaborator on this project. Weishuhn is also working on a new book Trailing the Hunter’s Moon: The journey continues which will be a continuation of his first book with that title. He is also the co-author with J. Wayne Fears of Whitetail East and West which is now available. He also post a weekly blog at www.natureblinds/Larry and is active on Facebook.